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Is Jacob Elordi Gay Or Queerbaiting: Sexuality And Partner

Jacob Elordi has been speculated to be gay after he confessed that Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt were his first celebrity crushes. So, what’s the truth? Find out more about his sexuality and partner in this article.

Jacob Elordi is an Australian actor famous for his role as Noah Flynn in the series The Kissing Booth.

He was born on June 26, 1997, in Queensland, Australia, to John Elordi and Melissa Elordi. 

Likewise, Jacob grew up with his three sisters, Jalynn Elordi and Isabella Elordi; the third sister’s name is unknown.

In his 20s, the Queensland native debuted as an actor in the 2018 Australian movie Swinging Safari.

Jacob also appeared in Hollywood, and his first-ever role was in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales as an extra.

Meanwhile, his acting career grew after appearing in the drama series Euphoria, The Mortuary Collection, and more.

However, he gained high recognition for his role in all three seasons of the movie The Kissing Booth.

To this date, Jacob has aced every role that he has done since the start of his career.

But rather than his professional achievements, netizens are drawn to his sexual identity at this moment as many instances made them doubt if Jacob Elordi is gay.

Is Jacob Elordi Gay Or Queerbaiting?

Recently, people have shown concern regarding the sexual identity of The Kissing Booth’s famed actor, Jacob Elordi.

Ever since Jacob Elordi has talked about how he was fascinated with male actors as a child, rumors about him being gay have circulated.

On the other hand, his fans have always seen him with women in the public sphere, which has led people to question if he is Queerbaiting.

Likewise, the accusation of Queerbaiting peaked following his appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show, where he revealed that his first crushes were on men.

In the meantime, Jacob said, “Brad Pitt is a beautiful man” when asked about his first celebrity crush.

Jacob Elordi was photographed while attending an event
Jacob Elordi became a brand ambassador for TAG Heuer. (Source: Instagram)

Further, the actor also gave an interview to British GQ; Jacob spoke about how he experienced homophobia back in his school days.

He took a role in the drama Midsummer Night’s Dream, and people started calling him gay.

Jacob stated,

When people started saying I was gay, I remember embracing wearing makeup.

He added, “I thought, if they’re going to call me the King of the Fairies, I want to be the very best-looking King of the Fairies they’ve ever seen.”

After that, people questioning his sexuality became obvious.

The rumors heightened when Jacob again talked about a scene in the movie Saltburn with Barry Keoghan’s character in the 2023 interview with GQ.

As per the director, Jacob’s character Flexin Catton is queer in the movie.

But after watching the movie, audiences find out that there is no gay sex scene.

That leaves people obliged to analyze the way Jacob presents himself and his sexuality as Queerbaiting, nothing else.

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Jacob Elordi’s Rumored Relationships And Partners

Since Jacob Elordi’s excellent performance in The Kissing Booth, fans have been curious about his girlfriend and relationship.

The famed Euphoria actor Jacob has an eventful dating history in Hollywood.

Between 2017 and 2018, it was reported that Jacob dated his The Kissing Booth co-star, Joey King.

Jacob Elordi at Oscars award.
Jacob Elordi attended the Oscars Award for the first time in 2022. (Source: Instagram)

Joey and Jacob had a deep connection while shooting for the film, which is also reflected in their film.

However, the relationship didn’t last long, and the couple parted quietly.

Moreover, there were rumors about Jacob dating his Euphoria co-star Zendaya.

Rumors spread when people spotted them together in Athens, Greece, back in August 2019.

But after Jacob stated in an interview with GQ Australia that Zendaya is like his sister, every rumor involving them ended.

Further, fans romantically linked Jacob with Kaia Gerber after the media captured them together in September 2020.

They seem to have dated till November 2021, and as per the close source, the two separated amicably.

Jacob Elordi with Zendaya.
Jacob and Zendaya developed a bond during their show. (Source: Facebook)

Moreover, amongst many of his rumored girlfriends’ list, an Australian model, Bianca Finch, is also the one. 

According to the latest source, Jacob’s current love interest is the YouTuber Olivia Jade Giannulli.

Jacob vacationed in Italy with Olivia and her parents in mid-July this year.

However, the couple has yet to officialize their relationship.

After all this, it is clear that Jacob Elordi is not gay since he does not have any history of dating a man.

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