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Was Jacob Elordi In Selena Gomez Video? The Viral SNL Sketch

After the video of Jacob Elordi mentioning the name of Selena Gomez on the SNL sketch tonight came out, many of their fans seemed interested in delving into the matter. So, why did Jacob talk about Selena? Let’s explore. 

Regarding Hollywood, few things determine an actor’s success in the industry and getting to host your own SNL show is one of them.

Jacob Elordi Recently got to do that. And it created a massive buzz on the Internet, especially for mentioning the name Selena Gomez.

In the short viral video, Jacob called Selena an absolute sweetheart and thanked her, for which he cheered from his live audience.

Likewise, it equally intrigued his fans who saw him online and made them want to see more of them together.

Let’s get into the viral SNL video of Jacob Elordi about Selena Gomez, which is currently blowing up on the Internet.

Jacob Elordi Reveals Hollywood Breakthrough with Selena Gomez in Hilarious SNL Video

Saturday Night Live, or SNL, is a late-night live comedy sketch show.

It has been a huge part of American pop culture for decades, and many legendary celebrities have been a part of it.

As the new year 2024 began, everyone was wondering who would be the first host of the year.

Jacob Elordi hosted SNL Sketch Tonight
Jacob Elordi was quite funny during his performance in SNL. (Source: Twitter)

Some were saying that actress Dakota Johnson would be the one hosting the first show of the year along with Justin Timberlake.

However, the host was Jacob Elordi, the new famous heartthrob of Hollywood.

Jacob Elordi has been part of Hollywood since 2018 after the release of his movie The Kissing Booth.

The movie was a big hit, and soon, he got other super-hit projects like Euphoria and Priscilla.

Recently, Jacob popped up in the SNL sketch tonight to share his Hollywood experience in front of other struggling actors.

In the program, one actor asks him about how he made it so big as an actor.

Jacob then answers the question by saying that he wanted to act in Hollywood, so he flew to LA.

Selena Gomez while attending Emmys
Selena Gomez and Jacob Elordi haven’t worked together. (Source: Twitter)

He then adds that Selena Gomez approached him and said he was gorgeous as soon as he stepped off the aeroplane.

Selena Gomez then asked Jacob Elordi to play her boyfriend in a music video. 

According to his SNL sketch, this was his ‘big break in Hollywood’, which led him to land on other movies and series. 

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The Search for the Nonexistent Selena Gomez Music Video Collaboration With Jacob Elordi

Jacob hilariously says in the SNL sketch tonight,

“And it was all thanks to Selena Gomez, absolute sweetheart, by the way.”

This was a funny, made-up story by the writers of SNL to get some good laughs from their audience.

However, some naive Jacob Elordi and Selena Gomez fans wonder if the things Jacob said in the SNL video are true.

Jacob Elordi who talked about Selena Gomez pictured while seeing far
Jacob Elordi debuted in movies in 2018. (Source: Twitter)

The search for the Selena Gomez music video that gave Jacod Elordi his big break is ongoing.

But sadly, there has never been a collaboration between the two artists.

They haven’t even been seen together hanging out on any occasion.

However, if you go on a search, you will interestingly find one video of Selena Gomez and Jacod Elordi. But, mind it, it is a fan edit.

Someone made the edited video 3 years ago and posted it on YouTube, which is getting a lot of views right now.

Maybe this is a good sign for Selena Gomez and Jacob Elordi to work together in an actual music video.

Fans cannot wait to watch the two heartthrobs together.

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