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Did Jada Kingdom Get BBL Surgery? Before And After Pictures

Fans have always admired the dancing skills of Jada Kingdom, but questions have arisen about her recent BBL surgery, as it is the main concern for many of her followers. Did the singer undergo the process? Find out here!

Born Jada Ashanti Murphy, Jada Kingdom is a Jamaican reggae singer, model, and social media personality.

She rose to fame for her YouTube music video Win, which accumulated over 12 million views.

Before entering the music industry, Jada worked as a swimwear model for a local brand in her hometown.

Currently, the singer has released numerous songs and albums, including Love Situations, Unwanted, Wull On, Best Ever You Had, and Banana.

Further, such fame has put Jada in the spotlight with involvement in controversies and conflicts.

Recently, netizens have been spreading rumors that Jada Kingdom has undergone BBL surgery. But is it true?

Did Jada Kingdom Get BBL Surgery? Before And After Pictures

Over the years, Jada Kingdom has been questioned frequently regarding her curvacious body and BBL surgery.

The rumors sparked again recently when fans started comparing Jada’s twerking skills to Megan Thee Stallion.

Further, the rapper recently celebrated her song Hiss going number one, leading to the equation about their bodies.

Jada Kingdom in a black dress
Jada has always flaunted her natural appearance. (Source: Instagram)

However, Jada Kingdom quickly addressed the speculations and denied getting BBL surgery to enhance her features.

Through an Instagram story, the singer shared some bikini shots, clearly showing that it was all natural.

Moreover, she thanks her Jamaican roots for blessing her with a well-defined and sculpted body.

This isn’t the first time Jada Kingdom has dealt with questions regarding her build and BBL surgeries.

Previously, the singer was accused of altering her body and using coke during her debut days.

Meanwhile, Jada gracefully handled the situation and revealed several old pictures, hinting that the change was due to weight loss.

Jada Kingdom in a red jumpsuit
Jada is proud to showcase her Jamaican heritage. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, she mentioned feeling insecure at times due to the constant comments on her appearance on social media.

Growing up, the singer was a victim of sexual and physical abuse, which made her change her birthname to Jada Kingdom.

Similarly, Jada chose her stage name to reflect her viewing her body as a kingdom she vowed to protect at all costs.

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Jada Kingdom’s Early Life: Rise Of Ranks In Reggae Music

Despite being the center of controversies about her body, Jada Kingdom hasn’t let it affect her career.

From a young age, she had a passion for entertainment, which her supportive mother encouraged.

Growing up in a single-bedroom home with her two siblings, Jada often faced hardships like a lack of running water and electricity.

Jada Kingdom with braids
Jada denied rumors about altering her physical appearance. (Source: Instagram)

Despite the struggles, music played a pivotal role in her life, pushing her to achieve new heights.

Further, Jada’s music incorporates her voice’s rawness and the Jamaican style’s reflection.

After releasing her debut single, she worked on her new track, Banana, which broke global charts.

Moreover, it sparked a viral Carribean lyrical battle known as #bananachallenge that received wide engagement.

Soon, Jada began her country tour with Kranium after being referred to as a crossover artist to watch.

Jada with short hair
Jada likes to experiment with different looks. (Source: Instagram)

Due to her artistic nature and lyrical talent, people often compared her to SZA and her style.

During an interview, Jada revealed that such comparison inspired her to create music that resonates with the fans.

Despite suffering from bipolar depression, the singer continues to amaze listeners with her chart-topping releases.

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