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Jalen Hurts Tattoo Meaning And Purpose: In His Own Words

Jalen Alexander Hurts, a young American football quarterback, has fans who manage to catch every detail about the NFL quarterback, including his tattoos. Let’s explore Jalen Hurts tattoo in his own words.

Jalen Hurts plays for the Philadelphia Eagles in the National Football League (NFL).

Before the NFL, Jalen played three college football seasons in the Univerity of Alabama.

The team that he was part of won the title of College Football Championship in the year 2018.

Meanwhile, NFL players are often considered celebrities, and every detail of their lives is a topic of interest to their fans.

Thus, the current topic of interest surrounding the NFL player is his unique tattoo.

Faith’ In Jalen Hurts Tattoo: A Guiding Light In The Storm

The tattoo is the phrase ‘Faith, Family, Football’ carved on his left arm. These three words hold a very deep meaning for Jalen, who lives by them.

The first word, ‘Faith,’ shows the importance of his faith in his religion.

According to Jalen, ‘Faith’ represents his love for spirituality, which has helped him make the right choices and actions in life.

Jalen Hurts in ground.
Jalen Hurts is very active on his social media, where he has a big following. (Source: Instagram)

Jalen adds that his belief in the higher power is firm. In his own words, it is the ‘bedrock of his existence.’

The word is written in cursive, which Jalen says was his personal touch to the tattoo.

Jalen believes that the higher power guiding his life has much to do with what he has become outside and inside the football field.

It reminds him not to lose touch with his religious beliefs.

He says that sometimes the pressure and expectations from sports can be very tiresome.

At those moments, the tattoo gives Jalen a sense of relief and a push to keep going.

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Family In Jalen Hurts’ Tattoo: A Symbol Of Gratitude And Support

The second word in Jalen Hurts’ tattoo is ‘Family,’ which indicates his love for his family, especially his parents and siblings.

Jalen has opened up about how his family is the source of his strength.

He often talks about how his family has always made it possible for him to dream big and never lose hope.

Jalen Hurts press
Jalen’s personality off the ground is no less. (Source: Instagram)

The tattoo is one way for Jalen Hurts to show his gratitude to his family.

Meanwhile, Jalen remembers the times when he was not doing great, and even during those more challenging days, his family was always there supporting him.

The moment makes Jalen realize how a family’s love is undying and everlasting.

Jalen Hurts also says he got the ‘Family’ tattoo so that whenever he feels low, he gets a reminder of his family’s love for him.

He also adds that his family is the only one who will be there for him despite everything.

Jalen Hurts shares another heartwarming reason for getting the tattoo.

For him, it constantly makes him remember where he comes from and who he does it all for.

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Jalen Hurts’ ‘Football’ Tattoo: More Than Just A Career

The third word is ‘Football,’ an important part of his life, as we all can assume.

Jalen is very vocal about his love and passion for football.

According to him, football is the only thing in this whole world for which he has worked hard.

Jalen hurts with mascot
Jalen loves interacting with his fans and showing his gratitude for their love. (Source: Instagram)

He says that football is something that he never wants to stop excelling at.

Moreover, Jalen Hurts loves training and being better and better.

Not only because it adds a lot of value to his public persona but because Jalen genuinely loves the sport very much.

The ‘Football’ tattoo for him symbolizes his extremely hard work for the game.

Again, in his own words, the tattoo is for the sweat, tears, wins, and losses.

The fact that along with ‘Faith’ and ‘Family’ Jalen Hurts decided to add ‘Football’ tattoo shows that football is more than just a career for him.

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