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Did James Crumbley Go To Prison? Sentencing To Ethan Father

In 2021, the Oxford High shooting with Ethan Crumbley brought attention to his father, James Crumbley, leading to inquiries about whether he had gone to prison or not.

Following the tragic school shooting at Oxford High School in Michigan in 2021, the name James Crumbley has earned infamy for itself.

James and Jennifer Crumbley are the parents of their 15-year-old son, Ethan Crumbley, who shot four students at Oxford High School.

This is an unusual step taken by prosecutors because usually, parents aren’t charged with involuntary manslaughter.

People now want to know whether or not James Crumbley was found guilty or has gone to prison.

Did James Crumbley Go To Prison?  Ethan’s Father At Custody 

47-year-old James Crumbley is yet to go to prison, but instead, he is waiting for trial in early March 2024.

There, he faces charges of involuntary manslaughter on 4 counts, the same ones that his wife Jennifer was charged with.

Jennifer Crumbley is guilty of letting Ethan buy the gun used in the school shooting and now she will suffer 20-40 years sentence in jail

Numerous times during her emotional trial, Jennifer repeated that it was James, her husband, who was responsible for holding on to the Sig Sauer at issue, a nine-millimeter pistol.

Prosecutors have claimed that James and Jennifer Crumbley overlooked their son’s strange behavior.

Ethan Crumbley in trail by putting his head down.
In the trial, Ethan Crumbley looked very sad, as he can now never live a normal life. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, according to prosecution attorneys, a Christmas present came in the form of a gun bought by Crumbleys while Ethan displayed apparent signs of instability.

Authorities have already tried and sentenced Jennifer Crumbley, but James Crumbley’s day is still coming.

Further, James Crumbley’s hearing will begin in March 2024.

The outcome of the trial of James Crumbley on 4 identical counts of involuntary manslaughter will determine whether he will go to prison or not.

If found guilty, James Crumbley could potentially face up to 15 years in prison on each of the involuntary manslaughter counts.

The decision in Jennifer Crumbley’s case could sway the prosecution’s approach and sentencing recommendation for James.

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Sneak Peak Into The Early Life Of James Crumbley

There has been little information about shooter Ethan Crumbley’s dad, James Crumbley, and his early life.

Born in 1976 in Michigan, James Crumbley had a son, Ethan Crumbley, on August 9th, 2005, with Jennifer Crumbley.

Throughout their lives into adulthood, both of them struggled with drug addiction.

At the time of the shooting, James worked as a doordash delivery driver while Jennifer was a marketing manager.

Those who knew the family intimately say that Ethan experienced an unstable home life that often required child protective services.

People living next to the Crumbleys’ house described it as being noisy, and many times, they would hear loud arguments.

james and jennifer in handcuffs.

James Crumbley does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page. (Source: Twitter)

However, on social media platforms, the Crumblys created an impression of normalcy by posting pictures where they seem like a happy family living a quality life.

While some signs are evident in hindsight, few could have predicted such great violence.

As for families and communities, the Crumbles’ hearing is a complicated discourse about parental responsibility and prosecution itself.

The Oxford High School shooting committed by Ethan Crumbley shocked the nation.

The outcomes of the Crumbleys’ trials seek justice for unimaginable grief, balanced with societal questions around punishment and prevention.

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