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James Crumbley Weight Gain: Is Michigan Shooter Father In Good Health?

With the recent appearance of James Crumbley on the court, people became curious about his drastic weight gain, prompting speculation and questions about its underlying cause. Let’s find out the truth!

James Crumbley is the father of Ethan Crumbley, who caused the mass shooting at Oxford High School in Michigan.

He has been accused of four involuntary manslaughters accountable for the death of four students.

Regarding the same incident, Ethan’s father, James Crumbly, still frames his plea as innocent.

Their trial has been going on for months and has essential bits of shocking details like an affair and an admission.

However, in a recent court hearing of James Crumbley, he looked slightly overweight, making many curious about the reason for his sudden weight gain.

James Crumbley Weight Gain: Is Michigan Shooter Father In Good Health?

The weight gain rumor of James Crumbley has been spiraling over the internet.

Many people have noticed the slight change in the body of James Crumbley, making many curious about the reason for his sudden weight gain.

James Crumbley in jail
James Crumbley is facing charges of involuntary manslaughter. (Source: CNN)

However, the information regarding James Crumbley’s health condition during prison is limited.

Most media coverage focuses explicitly on his court proceedings, such as the charge he faced for being involved in Ethan Crumbley’s case.

Moreover, talks about the health of James, particularly about his weight gain, are not a focal point of the coverage.

However, after noticing the weight gain of James in a recent court hearing, many started guessing the various causes.

James Crumbley's wife Jennifer Crumbley in jail
Jennifer Crumbley enters court after a recess in Oakland County. (Source: ABCNews)

Some assume James Crumbley might be suffering from health issues due to the stress of court hearings.

Others have assumed it is because of the prison environment and the lack of prison exercise.

Amidst all these, it becomes hard to determine his current health state or even consider whether James Crumbley has gained weight during detention. 

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Details About The James Crumbley’s Case 

James Crumbley is the father of the teenager responsible for the tragic Oxford High School shooting.

For now, he remains neither guilty nor innocent, although authorities found his wife, Jennifer Crumbley, guilty.

The Court evidence revealed the narration of James Crumbley’s role in events that led to a mass shooting.

He bought the gun used in the shooting days before its occurrence using his son’s money, who was a shooter.

James Crumbley family in the picture
James Crumbley’s son killed four people. (Source: ABC)

However, prosecutors infer that James and Jennifer neglected their concern for the well-being of his mental health.

Additionally, with some text messages taken from court proceedings, James’ wife said out loud that having a deaf son was like a curse.

This failure to act upon concerning behavior and to inform the school about the potential danger has raised questions about the extent of James’ responsibility in the tragic events at Oxford High School.

As such, given that James Crumbley would have been aware of his actions and decisions.

Nonetheless, the evidence brought before the courts will be critical in determining whether James Crumbley participated.

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