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Is James Kirchick Jewish? Religion And Ethnicity Of The Columnist

James Kirchick is a neoconservative journalist with a global footprint in over 40 countries. And the question on everyone’s mind now is whether James Kirchick is Jewish.

James Kirchick is popular as a reporter and columnist for Tablet magazine. He also is a foreign correspondent and author.

As an author, he is most commonly famous for The End Of Europe: Dictators, Demagogues, and The Coming Dark Age.

The book is available on Amazon and is one of James’s most acclaimed publications.

James is also a visiting fellow at the Brookings Institution.

With his vast array of knowledge, his articles also appear frequently in the Los Angeles Times.

Further, his articles and essays are also featured in The Washington Post, POLITICO, and The London Spectator.

Along with his publications, James Kirchick is famous for his political views.

His support towards Israel amidst the ongoing war has everyone wondering if James Kirchick is Jewish.

Is James Kirchick Jewish? Religion And Ethnicity Of The Columnist

James Kirchick is of the Jewish faith and was born and raised in a Jewish family. In the past, he has also been very vocal about his Jewish heritage.

James Kirchick being Jewish is a rather commonly known fact amongst the American Writer fraternity.

Further, James himself has given interviews about antisemitism and similar topics.

In 2016, he also held a lecture session at San Diego State University as a part of the Jewish Study Program.

The question around if James Kirchick is Jewish has been circulating recently
James Kirchick has appeared on Good Morning America, Real Time with Bill Maher, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, the BBC, and NPR.

At that time, not only did he talk about the Jewish side, but he also talked about a topic that is even more relevant today: the situation in Israel.

James talked about why the progressive left is abandoning Israel.

He, however, also talked about the hypocrisy of the left, who were not giving much attention to Israel and its plight then.

This topic is relevant even today, especially given the unfortunate conflict leading toward a breaking point between Israel and Palestine.

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Does He Have A Strong Support Towards His Jewish Faith? Gay Rights Activist

In another recent event, he also showed his activism toward his Jewish faith by discussing the topic.

James Kirchick attended a podcast that highlighted the American Jewish community and their daily livelihood amongst other cultures and values in America.

This podcast was hosted two years back in 2021 on the website Myjewishlearning.

There can be no clearer indication of James Kirchick’s inclination towards his Jewish heritage than this.

During the podcast, James Kirchick was accompanied by Bret Stephens, a fellow journalist.

James Kirchick sitting next to Matt Duss during an interview
James Kirchick wrote for Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty based in Prague.

James Kirchick identifies himself as a gay man and has been vocal about his support for the LGBTQ community as well.

He was even awarded the Journalist of the Year Award in 2007 for his strong contribution and excellence in journalism.

In 2013, he also openly criticized the Russian TV Channel RT for not reporting anything about the anti-gay laws passed in Russia.

He also highlighted the increasing situation of violence and hostility towards gay people. He even further claimed that the employees of RT were propagandists.

This was openly supported by others in the LGBTQ community and considered a very brave move by many.

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What Is The Jew in the Box?

In 2013, James Kirchick published an article for Tabletmag titled “Being the Jew in the Box.” This was quite an eye-catching article at the time from James.

In the article, he highlighted how he attended Berlin’s Jewish Museum to have a conversation with Germans about Jews.

James answering questions during an interview
James Kirchick has spoken at colleges and universities across the United States and venues, including the National Security Agency.

However, what is odd about this ordeal is that he sat as a showpiece within a Glass Box.

All the while, German people would come over asking him questions about the Jewish culture.

He sat in the glass box for about an hour, answering the curious question of the German people about the Jewish side.

At the end of the article, he states the whole ordeal as odd but still worth it.

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