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James Somerton Controversy: All About Hbomberguy Video On Plagiarism

Many fans of James Somerton are unsubscribing from his YouTube channel due to the ongoing controversy. Hbomerguy’s video has made a huge impact on his career. Let’s explore.

James Somerton is a famous Canadian YouTuber who makes videos on films and media.

He has over 330k subscribers on his YouTube channel, where most of his videos revolve around pop culture like Harry Potter and Marvel Comics.

James’s journey as a YouTuber began in November 2013, when he made his first post discussing various theories of Marvel Comics.

Among many of his famous videos, one posted in April 2021 with the title ‘Killing Stalking and the Romanticizing of Abuse has received over 1.7 million views.

Currently, James Somerton is in controversy after another YouTuber, Hbomberguy, made a video accusing him of plagiarism.

James Somerton Faces Backlash & Attempts Damage Control After Plagiarism Controversy

Hbomberguy posted the video on his YouTube channel on December 2, 2023.

The video is almost 4 hours long and mostly talks about how many famous influencers and content creators have been plagiarizing for a long time.

Among many YouTubers he accused, James Somerton is facing a lot of backlash.

After the video came out, many of James’s fans were shocked by the revelation.

James Somerton twitter
James Somerton’s Twitter account is nowhere to be found after the Hbomberguy expose video. (Source: Twitter)

Many wanted James to take accountability or at least issue a response to the video by Hbomberguy.

In response, James did make a post on his Patreon, which he later deleted.

In the post, he wrote that he was extremely sorry and heartbroken that he had now lost the trust of many of his fans.

He also said that someday, he will work hard to regain that trust.

Without saying much, James hinted that he is taking accountability for his actions but is in a terrible headspace right now and does not know what to say.

James Somerton
James Somerton is still silent and has not made any statement after deleting the Patreon post. (Source: Twitter)

The post did not receive many positive comments; instead, it was filled with negative ones.

After seeing so much hate on his posts, James deleted them.

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James Somertons’ Online Exit: Fallout From Plagiarism Allegations Sparks Social Media Shutdown

Not only have his Patreon posts been deleted, but James has also deactivated his Discord and Twitter accounts.

Many are saying that it is his way of not having to communicate with his fans and controlling the narrative.

Instead of dealing with the problem and the consequences of his decisions, fans are accusing James of running away.

The response from various communities appears to be different.

Some are saying that they do not wish to engage with any of James’s content anymore.

While others are taking the initiative to create a Discord server to support plagiarized creators.

James Somerton wiki
Fans want proper accountability from James Somerton to address the controversy. (Source: Twitter)

James, after the controversy, has lost a huge number of subscribers on his YouTube channel.

This suggests that James Somerton’s career as a YouTuber may have come to an end.

Further, his fans have shown their disappointment through various comments.

This controversy has opened the doors for people to discuss things they did not initially agree with James Somerton.

Many are also criticizing his takes on the queer community, although he belongs to it.

It will be interesting to see how the situation unfolds and whether James Somerton will be able to bounce back from this very complex controversy.

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