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Jason Ballard ICON CEO Wikipedia & Wife: Man Behind 3D Housing In Moon

A civil engineer who has grown with a technological mindset and surrounding has become one of the masterminds behind the 3D-printed house on the Moon. So fans know more about the ICON, Jason Ballard, through his Wikipedia.

Jason Ballard is the co-founder of ICON, which is a construction company leading in futuristic and technological construction aspects.

He is currently serving as the CEO of ICON, known for homebuilding using 3D robotics, software and advanced materials.

Jason, who has always wanted to solve real-world problems using technology, is also an advocate for sustainable and affordable housing.

His brainchild company, ICON, has a vision to colonize the Moon to mark the nation with huge success.

So, to learn the recent news of a collaboration with NASA to build a 3D pointed Infrastructure on the Moon, dive into the Wikipedia of Jason Ballard.

Jason Ballard Icon CEO Wikipedia & Wife: Man Behind 3D Housing In Moon

Jason Ballard, the CEO of ICON, despite not having a Wikipedia page, is the motivation for engineers and construction companies.

He was born in 1979 in Austine, Texas. However, his ethnicity is not disclosed anywhere, but he has an American Nationality.

Moreover, he grew up in technological and engineering development surroundings and was always keen on his love for it.

Jason Ballard with his family.
A subtle glimpse into his personal life can be found by exploring his Instagram account. (Souce: Instagram)

Similarly, he got to pursue his engineering graduation in his hometown, Austin University of Texas, with a civil engineering degree.

After his degree from the university, Jason Ballard has undergone different projects that helped in building efficient housing buildings.

He also holds his position on the Board Of Directors in several organizations.

The National Association of Home Builders and the Association of General Contractors of America also have his presence on their board.

Before, ICON Jason Ballard pursued his career under Tree House – a home upgrade company in Texas.

He gave his 10 years of service to this company, making this one of the most remarkable and premium home upgrade companies.

With another look in the Wikipedia of ICON, it seems that Jason Ballard gets his religious faith from his aspiration as a Priest at The Episcopal Church.

Jason Ballard Loves Nature
The Wikipedia of ICON tells about the love that Jason Ballard has for nature and family. (Source: Instagram)

As for the family, Jason Ballard has a wife, Jennifer Ballard, with whom he shares two children. However, no media has covered their marriage.

Jennifer is the better half of Jason, who maintains and manages his children and never makes him feel tired of his work.

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ICON CEO Career Path With NASA: The Most Anticipated Project

Jason Ballard co-founded the company ICON with his colleagues Alex Le Roux and Evan Ryan.

He envisioned this company with the mission of using technology and traditional building methods to make it efficient.

ICON launched its first product, a 3D printer that uses nozzles to print the house using a concrete mixture with sand.

Being unique and mobile, it can print houses on-site, making the possibility to build in remote areas.

Moreover, the ICON 3D model can print houses quickly and efficiently in less than 24 hours.

Engineers have used this model to build homes in various locations like the United States, Mexico and Haiti.

Jason Ballard with Astronaut
Jason Ballard and Astronaut Don Thomas at Centennial Challenge 3D Printed Habitat talks. (Source: Instagram)

Currently, ICON has received one of the biggest collaborations by working together with NASA to develop a 3D pointer to build a home on the Moon.

In addition to it, ICON is developing a new type of concrete that is strong enough and more durable than traditional concrete.

It is also undergoing the process of developing the necessary software that can help to optimize the design and construction of the building.

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