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Is Jason Segel Gay? Gender Dilemma After Kissing Russell

Jason Segel created a buzz after his onstage kiss with Russell Brand, which made many fans curious about his sexuality, while some assumed he was gay. What is the truth?

Jason Segel is an American actor born in 1980, January 18. Jason started his career in 1999 in the show ‘Freaks and Geeks.’

He is famous for playing the role of Marshall Eriksen in the hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother on CBS.

Jason has also starred in many films like Knocked Up (2007), This Is 40 (2012), and Sex Tape (2014).

After all these years in the Hollywood industry, he has successfully become a household name all across America.

During his career in the Hollywood industry, he faced various controversies.

Similarly, in recent times, his kiss with Russell Brand brought huge controversies about his sexuality.

The incident was massive in American pop culture, and it has left many people believing that Jason Segel is gay.

Jason Segel And Russell Brand’s Unexpected Kiss Sparks Gay Rumors

The shocking kiss between Jason Segel and Russell Brand took place at the Haiti benefit gig. They performed a song, ‘Inside Of You,’ which went very well.

Jason and Russell kissing
The kiss between Russell and Jason came out of nowhere, shocking everyone. (Source: Twitter)

At the song’s end, Jason and Russell seemed extremely happy with their performances.

This excitement led them to kiss each other, which has put many people in confusion about whether Jason Segel is gay.

Russell and Jason Segel are known for being funny and going out of their way to please their audiences.

Therefore, some people believe that a kiss between them is their way of sharing happiness.

The kiss lifted the crowd’s mood at the Haiti benefit gig and started a new rumor.

While the kiss did raise a lot of suspicions, both Jason Segel and Russell have never stated that they are gay.

Jason Segel in red carpet.
Jason Segel is an actor and a fantastic writer who has written many films. (Source: Twitter)

Jason Segel has always had a history of dating females, and many relationships have been public.

His first known relationship was with his Freaks and Geeks co-star Linda Cardellini.

The couple were together for about 6 years but broke up for unknown reasons.

According to various reports, Jason’s movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall loosely took inspiration from their breakup.

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Jason Segel’s Dating History: From Linda Cardellini To Kayla Radomski

Linda and Jason were in a relationship with Michelle Williams for about a year.

However, their relationship did not work out because of the long-distance situation.

After many years, Jason was again in a public relationship with visual artist Alexis Mixter.

He and Alexis were together for over 8 years, but in 2021, The duo went their own way.

Jason Segel with his girlfriend.
Jason Segel fans wonder if he will finally marry and settle down. (Source: Twitter)

Currently, he is dating Kayla Radomski, an actress, dancer, and choreographer.
She was in ‘Laker Girl’ in the HBO hit TV show ‘Winning Time’.

The couple made many headlines after appearing in the 2024 Emmy and Golden Globe awards.

This proves that Jason Segel has always had a history of dating females and not men, which is enough to shut down the gay rumors.

Even though Jason Segel himself has not made any statements to address the gay rumor, the answer is quite apparent.

Russell Brand has also always been known for dating females; he was in a relationship with singer Katy Perry when the kiss occurred.

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