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How Does Jeff Wittek Look Now After The Eye Accident?

You might remember when David Dobrik swung a person with an excavator in 2020. That Person is none other than Jeff Wittek, who got his head bashed and injured his eye in the process, so let’s find out how he is now.

David is known for taking things too far for more clout and views. Sometimes, such stunts can lead to serious injuries.

Just after the COVID-19 lockdowns, Jeff, David, and the Vlog Squad went to a Lake to film a sequence meant for Dobrik’s social media comeback.

However, the harmless video shoot was a nightmare for Jeff and David.

Now, after three years, controversy, and a lawsuit later, Jeff Wittek is a changed man.

Who Is Jeff Wittek, And How Is He Now?

Jeffrey R. Wittek is an American YouTuber, comedian, and podcaster. He handles several YouTube channels under his name, like Jeff Wittek, Jeff FM, and Jeff Clips.

Wittek is a famous YouTuber with a total subscriber count of almost 3.5 million across all three channels.

Jeff Wittek now in Impaulsive podcasts.
Jeff’s mother is a 9/11 Survivor. (Source: Instagram)

Jeff was born on December 15, 1989; he is 33. He started his public career with the TV series Bad Girls Club on Oxygen in 2010.

Alongside featuring on TV and doing YouTube, Jeff is also a professional hair stylist; he owns a barbershop named after him.

Initially, he started his YouTube channel in 2011, but his real taste of fame came after he made a Tumblr account named Behind the Cuts in 2012.

On his Tumblr, Jeff shared pictures with his celebrity customers, such as Mac Miller and DJ Pauly D.

Soon after, Jeff moved to the 1600 Vine apartment in 2014.

The apartment complex was a creator hub, as many internet celebrities like Jake Paul and Lele Pons lived there.

jeff with impaulsiveshow
Jeff says Mike Majlak is one of his favorite people. (Source: Instagram)

In the 1600 apartment, Vine Jeff first met the Vlog Squad, including David Dobrik. It was 2015, and at the time, he dated Cierra Ramirez.

In 2020, during a video filming project, Jeff Wittek squashed half of his face. As of today, Jeff is not associated with the YouTube group anymore.

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What Happened In 2020 At Lake Utah?

It was a nice day, and the whole squad was pumped to make vlogs after a long lockdown season.

David, the most subscribed creator of all, had some serious ideas in his pocket.

Ideas, if they went well, would have been great content for his channel.

However, the plan went south, and the YouTuber ended up making a mess instead.

Utah lake Excavator incident , The Vlog Squad.
He is a brand ambassador for Manscaped and MVMT Watches. ( Source: YouTube)

David swung his friend, YouTuber, and Squad member Jeff, using an excavator handle, which seriously injured Wittek.

However, Jeff was a regular skydiver and had jumped out of planes several times, so he was confident about himself.

However, he forgot about his friend David, who had minimal experience with excavators.

To everyone’s disappointment, David ended up swinging Jeff so fast that the YouTuber lost his grip and got struck in the face by the excavator.

The exact footage of the incident is deleted from YouTube, but those who saw the video know how careless and unsafe the stunt was.

Utah lake incident
Jeff is also active in philanthropy. (Source: Instagram)

This accident changed Jeff’s life, and his relationship with David deteriorated.

Jeff even filed a lawsuit worth $10 million against David Dobrik in 2022.

Since the incident, both YouTubers have not seen eye to eye, and Jeff has blamed David for his careless actions.

However, in Dobrik’s views on podcasts, Davis is seen blaming the incident on Jeff Wittek.

After the lawsuit, David claimed that Jeff always knew the risks involved in the stunt.

How Is Jeff Wittek Now? 2023 Update

Jeff in 2023 is looking fine; his stitches are gone, and his skin has also healed from the looks of his Instagram.

But we must also note that he has gone through numerous painful surgeries and treatments to regain his old looks.

Jeff Wittek now in Impaulsive, Closeup.
Jeff is also a musician and has released several songs. (Source: Instagram)

Jeff talks openly about the incident in a two-part video named “COMING CLEAN ABOUT EVERYTHING” and “HOW I BROKE MY FACE” on his channel.

He is currently making videos regularly for his main YouTube channel.

Further, he is diversifying his brand, Jeff’s Barbershop, and has started selling many hair-related products.

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