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Is Jelly Roll Gay? Rumors Debunked By Wife Bunnie XO

While the media is trying to cover the story of why Jelly Roll canceled his finale performance on The Voice, a string of rumors has been going around about him being gay. Let’s debunk the gay rumor about Jelly Roll in this article.

Jason Bradley DeFord, who we know as Jelly Roll, has been shaking up the music industry with his unique blend of hip-hop and country.

Born on December 4, 1984, in Antioch, Tennessee, Jelly Roll is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter.

His musical journey began with selling mixtapes from his car to collaborations with renowned artists.

His debut at the Grand Ole Opry and chart-topping hits on both rock and country radio showcase his talent and versatility.

However, what has caught the attention of the masses is the speculation that Jelly Roll is gay.

People are searching for his Wikipedia to find out the truth about his sexuality as they wonder if Jelly Roll is gay.

Is Jelly Roll Gay? Rumors Debunked By Wife Bunnie XO

Being a celebrity, Jelly Roll is no stranger to rumors and controversies that surface through the internet.

And since Jelly Roll is setting a legacy for himself in the music industry, he has become the target of the gay rumors.

However, there is no truth to the rumors that Jelly Roll is gay.

One of the obvious facts to debunk these rumors is his marriage with Bunnie Xo.

Jelly Roll wishing his wife Bunnie Xo a happy mother's day
Jelly Roll worked as an intern at a radio station. (Source: Twitter)

The couple have been married since 2016 and are going strong despite the controversies.

When the rumors of Jelly Roll being gay started surfacing, Bunnie Xo was quick to address these rumors head-on.

The rumors began circulating when Jelly Roll and Lainey Wilson collaborated on a duet of Jelly Roll’s hit Save Me.

Their public praise for each other’s talent led to speculation about the nature of their relationship.

In response to these rumors, Bunnie Xo took to her Instagram Stories to clear the air.

Jelly Roll sharing an appreciation post for Lainey on Ig
Jelly Roll was in and out of jail for numerous minor offenses. (Source: Instagram)

She shared a series of videos of herself meeting Lainey Wilson backstage, including at the CMA Awards.

In her post, she humorously stated, “It’s actually me that wants Lainey, so do better research. LMAO.”

This statement was a clear and direct dismissal of the rumors about Jelly Roll’s sexuality.

Another reason for the confusion about his sexuality could be his involvement in the San Diego LGBT Pride Community Calendar.

However, Jelly Roll has not made a public statement about his stance on the LGBTQIA+ community.

In conclusion, the rumors about Jelly Roll being gay is just another online hoax.

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Why Did Jelly Roll Cancel The Voice Finale Performance?

Another hot topic at the moment is Jelly Roll not performing at The Voice Finale.

Jelly Roll was scheduled to perform during the Season 24 finale of The Voice. However, he had to cancel his performance.

The reason behind this cancellation was that Jelly Roll fell ill.

Jelly Roll was quick to pen a note to his fans thanking them for their support via his Facebook page.

Jelly thanking iHeartradio for letting him be a pasrt of The Jingle Ball
Jelly Roll has been hailed as the voice of a generation by Rolling Stone magazine. (Source: Twitter)

His absence from the finale was a disappointment to many fans who were looking forward to his performance.

The Voice had announced a star-studded lineup for its Season 24 finale, which included Jelly Roll among other renowned artists.

Jelly Roll was ready to perform his Grammy-nominated song Save Me, however, due to his illness, he was unable to participate in the finale.

Despite his absence, the finale of The Voice went on as planned with performances from other artists.

Jelly Roll’s health was of utmost importance, and his fans understood and wished him a speedy recovery.

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