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Jenna Ortega Martin Freeman Video: Scandal With 52 Year Old

Netizens are unhappy about the intimate video scene between Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman in Miller’s Girl. They label the scene as ‘weird’ and ‘gross.’ Let’s explore.

Jenna Ortega is a famous American actress born in 2002 on September 27.

She is mainly known for her character ‘Wednesday Adams’ in the Netflix show ‘Wednesday.’

She also won the Golden Globe, Primetime Emmy, and Screen Actors Guild awards.

Meanwhile, Jenna Ortega is in the news for a video scene with actor Martin Freeman in her recent movie Miller’s Girl.

Many of her fans are calling the scene very uncomfortable to watch.

The video scene of Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman is making rounds all over the Internet.

Miller’s Girl Faces Backlash For Intimate Video Scene Between Jenna Ortega And Martin Freeman

The movie Miller’s Girl is about an 18-year-old student’s relationship with her teacher.

Jenna, who plays the character of Cairo Sweet, writes a sex story for her creative writing assignment given by her teacher, Jonathan Miller.

There is a reason the particular scene in the movie is very controversial.

Jenna Ortega Martin Freeman together
Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman are still silent about the fiasco; they probably need some time. (Source: Twitter)

It is because Jenna Ortega is just 21, and actor Martin Freeman is 52.

The huge age gap is a big concern among Jenna Ortega fans.

Some fans are even calling it ‘gross’ and saying that the entire concept of the movie is weird in itself.

However, an intimacy coordinator of the movie, Kristina Arjona, has come forward saying that Jenna did not feel uncomfortable.

Kristina Arjona reveals plenty of work went into ensuring that Jenna Ortega was happy.

She adds that many people engaged with Jenna throughout this process to ensure she was comfortable.

Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman
Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman are compelling with their characters on screen in Miller’s Girl. (Source: Twitter)

After netizens’ uproar on the Internet about the scene, the makers have also made many other statements.

They say they used various barriers and modesty garments during the scene.

The barriers made sure that there was an appropriate distance between Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman during the video filming.

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Filmmakers Defend Intimate Scenes, Highlighting Actors’ Consent And Safety Measures

The filmmakers of Miller’s Girl stated that the actors had the option to change their minds.

Jenna Ortega and Martin Miller could say no if they did not want to proceed with the video.

This gives us an insight into how such scenes in movies are filmed.

Another intimacy coordinator, David Thackery, said the intimacy barriers are almost like little pillows between the artists.

Jenna Ortega Martin Freeman scene
The movie makers are having a hard time with all the criticisms. (Source: Twitter)

It not only creates a comfortable situation for the actors but also ensures there isn’t any mishap during the shooting.

Even after all this information, some fans still do not think the scene was appropriate or necessary.

They say the movie could have gone forward without such a scene between two actors with such a big age gap.

Neither Jenna Ortega nor Martin Freeman have made any statements regarding the video scandal.

Moreover, they have yet to connect with their fans about it directly.

Let’s hope the movie’s actors and makers can navigate this controversy.

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