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What Is Jeremy Allen White And Addison Tillman Relationship?

Jeremy Allen White and Addison Tillman looked amazing together, making fans wonder if their relationship was more complex than we know. Let’s get into the details.

Jeremy Allen White has an acting career that is increasing with time.

His fame is skyrocketing after the recent photoshoots for Calvin Klein and campaigns for various brands.

Throughout the years, his professional and personal life have also been a subject of discussion among his fans.

One topic that raises curiosity is his romantic life, especially his relationship with Addison Tillman.

Every now and then, their cute and cozy pictures resurface on the internet, confusing their new fans.

They now want to know the relationship between Jeremy Allen White and Addison Tillman.

The Heartwarming Love Story: Relationship Of Jeremy Allen White And Addison Tillman

Jeremy Allen White And Addison Tillman look like soulmates who are made for each other.

They have known each other for years and have grown together throughout adulthood.

Addison Tillman and Jeremy Allen White met in 2006 when they were only 14.

Jeremy Allen White And Addison Tillman on red carpet
Jeremy Allen White and Addison Tillman were always together in all the glamorous Hollywood events. (Source: Twitter)

It was during the filming of their movie After School, which was released in 2008.

Addison Tillman has revealed that she fell in love with Jeremy Allen White at first glance.

However, it was only in February of 2013 when Addison Tillman first confirmed her relationship with Jeremy Allen White.

After five years of relationship, they had their first daughter in October 2018.

Jeremy Allen White finally decided to make her a wedding proposal in April 2019.

Jeremy Allen White And Ex wife Addison Tillman
Jeremy And his ex-wife Addison always face comments on their social media about their relationship. (Source: Twitter)

After some months, in October 2019, they tied the knot at the Beverly Hills courthouse in Los Angeles, making Addison Tillman and Jeremy Allen White husband and wife.

After a year, in 2020, Addison gave birth to their second daughter in December.

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Navigating Change: Addison Tillman And Jeremy Allen White’s Journey From Romance To Co-Parenting

It looked like Addison Tillman and Jeremy Allen White had an amazing relationship and a perfect life with a beautiful family.

Sadly, it was not all perfect. The relationship between Addison and Jeremy was to come to an end.

In May of 2023, Addison Tillman filed for a divorce from Jeremy Allen White.

A few days after the news broke out, she referred to herself as a ‘single mom’ in a Mother’s Day post and on Instagram.

Addison Tillman later edited the caption, writing ‘co-parent.’

After years of being together in a beautiful relationship, Addison Tillman and Jeremy Allen White are now divorced.

Jeremy Allen White And Addison Tillman with their daughters
Jeremy Allen White and Addison Tillman are the kind of parents who like keeping their daughters’ faces private. (Source: Twitter)

However, both of them look like they are doing great at being co-parent to their two daughters.

In July of 2023, in the pictures of their daughter’s soccer game, fans saw Jeremy Allen White kissing Addison Tillman on the head and cheek.

Everyone thought the couple was getting back together after a period of separation.

However, in August of the same year, Jeremy Allen White was seen with model Ashley Moore.

Currently, Jeremy and Addison are not together and are often in the news for dating other people.

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