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Jill Rhodes Wikipedia, Age: Sean Hannity Ex Wife With Divorce Update

After Sean Hannity divorced his wife, Jill Rhodes, people have been searching for her Wikipedia page to learn more about her personal life. 

Jill Rhodes is an American journalist and columnist. However, she came to the spotlight as the wife of Sean Hannity, a renowned conservative commentator and TV host. 

Moreover, she amassed massive wealth through properties obtained during her marriage to Sean. 

Many celebrities on social media, particularly women, become famous because of their connection to another celebrity.

Similarly, Jill Rhodes became popular after marrying the successful American conservative broadcast host and writer Sean Hannity. 

Recent controversies surrounding Sean have sparked increased interest in Jill Rhodes.

Consequently, the number of people searching for the Wikipedia page about Jill Rhodes has increased significantly.

Jill Rodes Wikipedia: Early Life And Education

While she gained attention for marrying a controversial American political figure, she maintained a low profile in her career.

Numerous people are searching for the Wikipedia page of Jill Rhodes, which, unfortunately is not available at the moment. 

Jill Rhodes was born in 1962 in Montgomery, Alabama. As of 2024, she currently is 61 years old.

Likewise, Jill grew up in Alabama under her parents’ care, although she keeps most family details private. 

Jill Rhodes blonde hair and wearing glasses.
Jill kick-started her career as a political columnist. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, she was an active student who participated in different school activities during her youth.

From an early age, she had an interest in journalism, and as a result, she joined the University of Alabama and obtained a degree in the field.

Upon completing her education, Jill launched her journalism career. However, many people still wonder about her career beginnings and current endeavors.

Even with her connection to a prominent spouse, she captures public interest, prompting many to seek insights into her life.

Jill Rhodes Career: How Jill Met Her Future Husband?

After graduating, Jill Rhodes immediately pursued a career in journalism. Jill Rhodes began her journalistic journey as a reporter for the local club network.

Later, she joined Fox News. Moreover, her academic qualifications and skills propelled her swiftly up the career ladder.

Authoritative sources estimate Jill Rhodes’s net worth to exceed $5 million, reflecting her successful career trajectory. 

Jill Rhodes husband Sean Hannity picture on suit pants.
Jill Rhodes was married to Sean Hannity for over 25 years. (Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, her then-future husband, Sean Hannity, noticed Jill’s exceptional skills while working at WVNN radio station.

Moreover, they first met at the Huntsville mayoral debate in 1992, started collaborating on stories, and soon began dating.

In Manhattan, Jill transitioned to an editing role but eventually left the media industry to prioritize her family.

Despite her significant contributions to media, Jill Rhodes still lacks a dedicated Wikipedia page.

Many believe she deserves one, especially considering the growing public curiosity about her recent prominence.

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Jill Rhodes And Sean Hannity Relationship Controversies 

After many rumors about Jill Rhodes and Sean Hannity’s relationship, their fans are eager to know the exact truth. 

Talking about their early relationship, Jill Rhodes married Sean Hannity in 1993.

The couple shared two beautiful children through their decade-long marital life. 

Likewise, their eldest child is Patrick, who was born in 1990 and is currently 26.

Similarly, their daughter Merri Kelley was born in 2002 and is 22 years old.

Jill and her husband
They confirmed their divorce in a statement to USA TODAY (Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, rumors swirled in 2013 about Sean’s involvement with other women, potentially leading to their divorce.

By April 2017, Debbie Schlussel, a regular on Sean’s show, accused him of sexual harassment.

While Jill Rhodes avoided major controversies, whispers suggested she and Sean were heading for a split, which led many fans to search for her Wikipedia page.

In June 2020, Hannity and Rhodes publicly confirmed their divorce after over 20 years of marriage.

In a joint statement to USA Today, they prioritized their children’s well-being.

This focus might explain why Jill wasn’t seen with Sean at various Fox News events.

After the sudden disappearance of Jill Rhodes on the news show, the public got more curious about her life and started searching for her Wikipedia page. 

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