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Wild Night Of Drunk Jaekyung?! Jinx Chapter 44 Manhwa Spoilers, Leaks

Jinx has been exploring the unconventional relationship between Kim Dan and Jaekyung, but fans are eager to see potential development between the characters in chapter 44. Let’s find out what’s in store with the leaks and spoilers.

Jinx has been topping the charts as one of the most popular manhwas on the global scale.

The story presents a unique and intense relationship between physical therapist Kim Dan and MMA fighter Jaekyung.

To date, the author has released 43 chapters, giving readers an entertaining look into the character’s relationship.

Since the story’s beginning, Jaekyung has been portrayed as a dominating figure in the dynamic.

But chapter 44 of Jinx promises readers a new look at the fighter as he sets out to spend a drunk night with his therapist.

Wild Night Of Drunk Jaekyung?! Jinx Chapter 44 Manhwa Spoilers, Leaks

The series has built up an exciting connection between Kim Dan and Jaekyung. 

Further, fans expect a major turning point that will change their perspective on the character.

The previous chapter has laid out a soft side of Jaekyung, who often shows stern and strong behavior.

Jaekyung leaning on Kim Dan in Jinx chapter
Dan wants to show his usefulness to the fighter. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, chapter 44 of Jinx will likely build on the dynamic as Jaekyung acts needily in front of Dan.

Meanwhile, readers speculate the fighter will showcase his concerns for the physical therapist as he always seems tired.

This expected behavior could lead to the MMA fighter asking Dan about his previous confession.

As Jaekyung seems drunk after his birthday party, Jinx makes readers anticipate an intimate moment in chapter 44.

In addition, he might get emotional about the surprise gift from Dan and blurt his feelings as well.

Additionally, the fighter displayed a deep trust in Dan, which could paint a new direction for the story.

Due to the alcohol’s influence, Jekyung is not in control, which gives Dan a level of freedom with his actions.

Drink Jaekyung in Jinx
Jaekyung has started showing his vulnerable side in the story. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, Dan has realized his attraction to the fighter and works hard to convey his emotions.

Over several chapters, the relationship between Dan and Jaekyung takes a concrete turn.

With such potential storylines and theories, fans eagerly search for the leaks and spoilers of Jinx chapter 44.

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Jaekyung’s Early Birthday: Is He Drunk? Chapter 43 Recap

Previously, the chapter revisits the interaction between Dan and one of Jaekyung’s ex-lovers.

Dan ignored Jaekyung’s selfish nature, which was brought up again in the chapter.

Further, the physical therapist realizes that the fighter often reduces Dan as a tool for his Jinx.

Kim Dan looks flustered in new chapter
Dan took up part-time jobs to afford a gift for Jaekyung. (Source: Twitter)

While thinking about his relationship with Jaekyung, Dan trips over a rock, sustaining cuts on his hands and knees.

The next day, Dan performs routine exercises with the MMA fighter even though he isn’t well.

However, Jaekyung notices changes in his partner and seems concerned and curious.

Meanwhile, Dan receives the package he plans to present to the fighter, along with a heartfelt note.

The day before Jaekyung’s birthday, his team plans a surprise birthday at their regular gym.

Later that day, the team moves to a dinner party, where Dan talks to the manager about Jaekyung’s shoulder injury.

Jaekyung eating a strawberry
Jaekyung aims to win international fighting titles. (Source: Twitter)

They realize that the MMA fighter pushes himself as he hates to lose in his matches.

Additionally, Jaekyung accidentally drinks soju, making him tipsy as he observes Dan from afar.

At the end of the chapter, the fighter invites Dan to spend the night together.

Now, the new chapter is set for release on 12 January 2024, and fans can’t seem to wait for the next step.

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