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Hot Scene Continues! Jinx Chapter 45 Manhwa Spoilers, Leaks

The much-awaited chapter of Jinx is finally here giving fans what they wanted. Now, Jinx promises to fill Chapter 45 with intimate scenes of the characters. Let’s look at the spoilers and leaks here!

Jinx follows the story of physical therapist, Kim Dan who is hired by MMA fighter, Jaekyung to tend to his strange jinx.

The story revolves around how the fighter needs to have sex right before every one of his matches to win.

Further, he pays a large sum of money to the physical therapist for such an unconventional demand.

As the story progresses, Dan develops feelings for his client but finds it hard to express them in the best manner.

Moreover, the recent chapters have been a treat to readers as the development of characters is noticeable.

With intense chemistry on the go, fans cannot wait to get their hands on the spoilers and leaks for Jinx chapter 45.

Hot Scene Continues! Jinx Chapter 45 Manhwa Spoilers, Leaks

The previous chapters managed to display the vulnerable side of the MMA fighter as he gets drunk at his birthday party.

Further, hints of jealousy from the character seep through the story as he notices Dan’s behavior.

Dan smiling in new Jinx chapter
Dan states that the fighter looks like an angry cat. (Source: Twitter)

At the end of a recent chapter, Jaekyung requests Dan to spend the night together.

Shocked by such a request, the physical therapist isn’t sure about the next course of action.

Moreover, the event paved a concrete path for the story to move forward as the pair shared intimate moments.

In the leaks for Jinx chapter 45, fans expect that the two continue to spend the night giving way to more steamy scenes.

As Jaekyung is not in control of his emotions, Dan can finally take the lead in their unconventional pairing.

Dan hugs Jaekyung in Jinx
Jaekyung tries to bring out his softer side. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, Dan often questions his self-worth around the fighter, which could be aided by the confidence gained in Jinx chapter 45.

The physical therapist has already realized his feelings for the fighter and the leaks for the next chapter might mark a new step in their relationship.

Hence, fans are excited to witness the development of both Dan and Jaekyung in handling their emotions.

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What Happened In Chapter 44? Dan Feels Safe Around Jaekyung

One of the major highlights of the previous chapter was the hot scenes between Dan and Jaekyung which excited all BL lovers.

After getting tipsy at a party, the fighter insists on taking off his clothes while lying with Dan.

Further, for the first time in the series, Jaekyung asks for consent before laying hands on the physical therapist.

Jaekyung kissing Dan
Dan wants to fulfill the desires of the fighter. (Source: Twitter)

Such change shocks Dan as the alcohol reveals an unseen side of the stubborn fighter.

As the pair continue their intimate moment, the physical therapist realizes that it is a chance to get to know the fighter better.

Moreover, chapter 44 explores the demanding side of Dan as he requests Jaekyung to touch him more.

Now, Jaekyung carries on with his moves, which satisfies Dan to the ultimate level.

Additionally, the physical therapist grasps the warmth of the fighter and wants to remain close to him.

Such a statement has excited fans for chapter 45 of Jinx as the author seems to be planning for more intimate moments.

Dan’s emotions are becoming evident with each new chapter and Jaekyung might try to understand him more.

Readers want to see the patient side of the fighter more as his harsh nature has hurt Dan several times.

Dan from Jinx blushing
Readers expect new challenges for Dan in the upcoming chapters. (Source: Twitter)

Similarly, Jaekyung also seems worried about Dan’s activities as he appeared rather tired in a recent chapter.

So, the author might showcase the fighter displaying caring emotions towards his helper.

All of these possibilities will be answered by the new chapter scheduled for January 23, 2024.

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