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Heartbroken Kim Resigns! Jinx Chapter 46 Manhwa Spoilers, Leaks

Just when readers saw a glimmer of hope in the relationship between Dan and Jaekyung, Jinx came back with a heartbreaking release making many excited for chapter 46. But will Dan finally resign from his post? Find out the spoilers further down below!

Jinx is one of the most popular BL manhwas which has kept fans hooked with the unusual link between Dan, a physical therapist, and Jaekyung, an MMA fighter.

Since its release in 2022, the author has released 45 chapters which has depicted several developments in the story.

Throughout the plot, the feelings of Dan have been evident as he wants to prove his usefulness to the MMA fighter.

In recent releases, he worked hard to afford a decent gift for Jaekyung’s birthday.

Moreover, fans were excited to witness the reaction of the MMA fighter as he often maintains a strict personality.

As the manhwa takes an unexpected turn, readers look for the leaks and spoilers for chapter 46 of Jinx.

Jaekyung Throws Away Dan’s Gift: A Look Back At Chapter 45

The previous chapter presented a shift in perspective after an intimate night at Jaekyung’s place.

Further, the MMA fighter gets tipsy at his birthday party and invites Dan, whose feelings get even more intense.

The physical therapist realizes that he feels safe around Jaekyung and wants to understand him more.

Jaekyung getting angry in Jinx chapter
Fans expected more intimate moments between the characters. (Source: Twitter)

In chapter 45, Jaekyung is still hazy from the night with a serious headache and doesn’t recall anything.

Meanwhile, gifts flood his home as the coach sends them all to his apartment from the gym.

After looking at the pile of expensive goods, Jaekyung feels even more agitated.

On the other hand, Dan hesitates to give his gift to the fighter and prepares a meal for him first.

Finally, mustering up his courage, the therapist makes his move and presents his designer keychain.

Moreover, Dan explains how he took up a side hustle of late delivery work to save up for the present.

Jaekyung looking at his present in Jinx
Jaekyung doesn’t value Dan’s feelings and respect. (Source: Twitter)

However, Jaekyung’s reaction doesn’t go as expected as he throws away the gift and asks Dan to stay within his boundaries.

Additionally, he threatens to fire Dan if he slacks off or wastes his time on unimportant matters.

As the chapter ends on a harsh note, readers are looking forward to the next path for Jinx chapter 46.

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Heartbroken Kim Resigns! Jinx Chapter 46 Manhwa Spoilers, Leaks

With such a dramatic ending, readers cannot wait for chapter 46 of Jinx as they expect Dan to take action.

Since the beginning of the series, Dan feels inferior to Jaekyung in both power and money.

Further, he agrees to help the fighter with his peculiar condition due to the offer of payments of loans.

Jaekyung threatens Dan in new chapter
Jaekyung has been using Dan to his advantage. (Source: Twitter)

Dan wants to show his gratitude by proving his worth to the team as well as the personal life of Jaekyung.

However, such harsh actions of Jaekyung have left Dan heartbroken as he cannot face rejection.

Moreover, Dan hoped that the gift would bring lift up the spirits of the fighter and bring him closer.

In the spoiler of Jinx chapter 46, readers expect Dan to sign a resignation letter and leave the team.

Additionally, if the therapist leaves, Jaekyung is bound to lose his next match against an international player.

Likewise, a decision from the therapist could change the dynamics of the story in the leaks and spoilers.

Kim Dan looking confused
Readers expect Dan to go into a spiral of negative thoughts. (Source: Twitter)

While Dan questions his usefulness, Jaekyung throwing away his present could be a turning point for his feelings.

Similarly, the leaks might disclose the reasons for Jaekyung’s behavior toward birthday gifts.

Regardless, readers wait for the next release of Jinx, scheduled for February 2, 2024, on Lezhin.

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