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Kim Is In Trouble?! Jinx Chapter 47 Manhwa Spoilers, Leaks & Release Date

The hard work of Kim Dan was fruitless as he faced a heartbreaking rejection in the previous release. Now, fans anticipate the next move of Dan in chapter 47 of Jinx. More spoilers ahead!

As one of the most popular BL manhwas, Jinx continues to keep readers hooked with the relationship development of Kim Dan and Jaekyung.

The plot presents an unusual bond between the characters as Dan often tries to prove his usefulness.

Further, the physical therapist has one-sided feelings for the MMA fighter which births new problems.

While Dan continues to put in his best efforts, Jaekyung continues to showcase his stiff and harsh nature.

In the recent release, the fighter threw away the gift from the therapist, leading to an emotional chapter.

Now, readers cannot wait to get their hands on the chapter 47 spoilers for Jinx as Dan seems to be tangled in a new mess.

Unpredictable Mood Of Jaekyung: Chapter 46 Spoilers

Previously, Dan prepared a special gift for the MMA fighter while taking up a part-time job.

Despite a low payment, he worked hard to save money to afford a designer keychain for Jaekyung.

Further, after spending an intimate night, Dan hoped to get a positive response from the fighter.

Dan crying in Jinx leaks
Dan feels worthless around the MMA fighter. (Source: Twitter)

However, things went adrift when Jaekyung lashed out at the therapist and he threatened to fire him.

Dan, in disbelief, realizes that he was carried away from a few moments together with the fighter.

Moreover, the therapist was just fooling himself as he didn’t mean much to Jaekyung.

After going through such a rejection, Dan throws away the present while sulking over his unexpressed feelings.

On the other hand, Jaekyung rages on the match ring and has a scuffle with a younger player.

Jaekyung fight in Jinx chapter 47
Jaekyung often displays harsh behavior toward his teammates. (Source: Twitter)

Later, the fighter’s team confronts him by revealing that people have been actively leaking intel about players.

The chapter then shifts to a gang meeting talking about the previous doping incident with Jaekyung.

Additionally, the leader has some ulterior plans to drag the fighter down the ranks by spreading rumors.

At the end of the chapter, readers get a look at the files with Jaekyung and Dan’s pictures, hinting at the trouble in Jinx chapter 47.

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Kim Is In Trouble?! Jinx Chapter 47 Manhwa Spoilers, Leaks & Release Date

With so much happening in the previous release, readers predict the next course of action in Jinx chapter 47.

Further, the final moments of chapter 46 revealed that the gang members place bets and rig the games for profit.

They were also responsible for delivering the suspicious drink to Jaekyung in a previous chapter.

Jaekyung with a towel over his head in Jinx
Jaekyung doesn’t respond to Dan’s feelings. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, the gang seems to have an unsolved problem with the fighter and seeks revenge.

As Jaekyung displayed his rage on TV, the target was put on his back as media channels peeked into his personal matters.

Amidst the reporting, the gang seems to be planning to spread dating rumors about Jaekyung and Dan.

However, readers theorize that they could also be planning to kidnap Dan as he seems close to the fighter.

Moreover, the rumors could hamper the reputation of the fighter, affecting his next big match.

In the leaks of Jinx chapter 47, readers speculate that such problems will further worsen Jaekyung’s anger toward the therapist.

Regardless, Dan will face new challenges while handling his emotional instability and heartbreak.

Pictures of Jaekyung and Dan
Dan might leave the fighter’s team in the next chapter. (Source: Twitter)

The physical therapist is in a vulnerable state which makes him an easy target for ill-intent people.

Now, the official release for chapter 47 is set for February 13, 2024, at 12 AM KST.

Likewise, the manhwa can be accessed with English translation through the Lezhin app and website.

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