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Will Grandma Die?! Jinx Chapter 48 Manhwa Spoilers, Leaks & Release Date

Jinx keeps on getting better as it presents another heartbreaking twist in the story, making readers anticipate chapter 48. What’s in store for Dan’s grandma? Prepare to find spoilers and leaks further in this article!

The unconventional story between physical therapist, Dan and MMA fighter, Jaekyung, is what makes Jinx one of the top-rated manhwas.

Since its release in 2022, the story has managed to present several twists and developments in the plot.

Further, Jinx recently hinted at the potential relationship growth between Dan and Jaekyung through his birthday episode.

However, things went astray as the MMA fighter failed to appreciate the efforts put in by his therapist.

Along with that, new problems surround the pair as a career-changing match with a formidable opponent approaches.

Such situations made readers restless as they looked for the spoilers and leaks for Jinx chapter 48.

Will Grandma Die?! Jinx Chapter 48 Manhwa Spoilers, Leaks

The previous chapter hinted at the heartbreaking point for Dan as he visited his grandma in the hospital.

One of the major themes of the story was how the therapist struggled with money to pay bills for his sick guardian.

Further, Jaekyung offers Dan a job to handle his peculiar jinx in return for a large sum of money.

Grandma in hospital in Jinx chapter
Dan couldn’t visit his grandma due to his busy schedule. (Source: Twitter)

As the story progressed, the therapist’s grandma played the role of an inspiration and support system.

Moreover, Dan considers her as the only person who truly cares for him and his troubling situation.

Through a series of flashbacks, readers see that Dan’s grandma has cancer which cannot be removed by surgery.

Given her old age, the medications don’t seem to work as her condition continues to worsen.

Previously, she played an important role in raising Dan despite her weak financial condition.

At present, she still cares about her grandson despite being bedridden from the illness.

Now, the spoilers for chapter 48 might explore the death of his grandma, adding another layer to Jinx.

Dan being carried by his grandma in Jinx
His grandma helped to shape his career and personality. (Source: Twitter)

Likewise, it is evident that she is no longer physically or mentally capable of performing any tasks.

During her weakened state, Dan’s grandma also asks for a favor from her only family.

Readers expect to see the unfortunate event affect Dan in an inconsolable manner in the leaks of chapter 48.

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An Unusual Opponent: Jinx Manhwa Release Date

Apart from the death of Dan’s grandma, chapter 48 of Jinx will delve further into the next match of Jaekyung.

In the previous release, we see the fighter’s team discuss the potential opponent in the fight.

Further, a withdrawal from his initial opponent puts Jaekyung face-to-face with a rookie, Baek Jumin.

Baek throwing punches in new Jinx chapter
Jaekyung prepares to fight a mysterious fighter. (Source: Twitter)

As a new character in the series, Jumin is presented as a star-quality player who fought in underground rings.

Similarly, the fighter makes major headlines soon after announcing his match against Jaekyung.

With such intensity surrounding the fight, Jaekyung’s team held a meeting to review the opponents’s style.

Likewise, Jumin doesn’t stick to a particular style and even fought with weapons in his rookie season.

He possesses raw strength backed up by an immense ego that pushes him forward in the game.

However, Jumin lacks the experience that Jaekyung has accumulated fighting international opponents.

Jaekyung staring at a screen
Jaekyung’s shoulder injury could be threatening in future chapters. (Source: Twitter)

Amidst the planning for the next match, Jaekyung realizes that he recognizes Jumin from a previous encounter.

This statement could be one of the major turning points in the story which could reveal the fighter’s past.

Now, chapter 48 of Jinx is scheduled for release on February 22, 2024, on the official Lezhin website and app.

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