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King Vs Queen Of Curses! JJK 248 Chapter Spoilers, Leaks

The manga and anime series Jujutsu Kaisen had a long break after chapter 247, and now the people cannot wait for chapter 248 of JJK as they search for leaks and spoilers. Let’s explore.

Jujutsu Kaisen is a very popular manga written by the famous Gege Akutami.

It is gaining popularity worldwide, especially after the second season.

In the last chapter, 247, we see the death of the very important character, Higuruma Hiromi.

This left all the fans quite sad and gave us a hint that Yuji will now take the lead in defeating the evil Sukuna.

We will only know when chapter 248 of JJK officially releases, but we do have some spoilers to peek into.

JJK Chapter 248 Spoilers: Sukuna’s Revelation, Yuji’s Rapid Progress, And Dark Secrets

According to the spoilers, chapter 248 of JJK starts with the scene where Yuji fails to stab Sukuna.

Then, he goes on to slash Yuji; after he does that, he starts thinking about Higuruma’s death.

Sukuna now realizes that even though Higuruma died, he took Kamutome.

Suddenly, he gets out of his head and realizes that the wound he caused on Yuji’s stomach is fully healed.

Sukuna think about Higuruma
Sukuna is a very complex character; he enjoys fighting with tougher opponents. (Source: Twitter)

The scene then switches to Kirara and Ui Ui taking care of Higuruma’s dead body.

Sukuna then confirms that Ui Ui has the instant teleportation CT.

It also comes to light that Ui Ui was the one responsible for the disappearance of Gojo’s dead body.

This also further confirms that Gojo is dead and is unlikely to return.

At that moment, Sukuna realizes they are sending the wounded to Shoko.

He suddenly analyzes that using RCT on others is less effective than on oneself regarding healing.

Further, it appears that Yuji had already learned how to use the RCT, and that too only in a month.

Yuji learns to use RCT
It is impressive how Yuji, similar to Higuruma, learned to use RCT quickly. (Source: Twitter)

This makes Sukuna excited to fight Yuji, and he thinks that Yuji has improved.

But Sukuna also looks like he is still irritated in the scene. Yuji points it out and asks if Sukuna is spacing out.

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Sukuna Gets Mad: New Rule Pops Up, And Yuta Joins The Fight In Chapter 248

Sukuna proceeds to say a few things. He asks himself if he is disappointed in himself after killing Higuruma.

He confirms that he looks upset at people trying to seize their ideals.

Sukuna then realizes it is because of Yuji, and he returns no matter how often he tries to break Yuji’s soul.

He now knows that even a weakling he thought was not on his level could stand up to him.

He declares that now he will surely slice up Yuji’s ideals.

Suddenly, a bright spark of light appears, and Kogane announces a new rule.

Sukuna Gets Mad, New Rule Pops Up
According to the JJK chapter 248 spoilers, the new rule has changed the whole scenario. (Source: Twitter)

The rule is that Megumi Fushiguro now holds the authority to activate the merger between Tenge and humanity.

This makes Kusakabe wonder if it is Kenjaku’s backup plan and if it activates because of Yuta’s successful surprise attack.

Kusakabe says that he now thinks Sukuna is much better than Kenjaku.

Sukuna, at least, would never commit curse terrorism out of curiosity.

As soon as he finishes saying that, Sakuna says he will start by killing Yuji And then kill all the players of the culling game.

Finally, Yuta joins the battle, and Sukuna tells Yuta that he better struggle and resist.

Sukuna says, ”

f you don’t kill me, all the humans you love, will die

Rika emerges and tries to crush Sukuna, saying, “Who do you think you are talking to?!”

The chapter ends with Sukuna saying, “So this is the Queen.”

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