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So, Everything Was Yuta’s Plan?! JJK Chapter 243 Leaks, Spoilers

After a set of comedic chapters, Jujutsu Kaisen returns with a shocking addition to the story, and fans cannot wait for JJK chapter 243 spoilers and leaks.

Jujutsu Kaisen has been showing the powers of Takaba in the recent chapter as he discovered his true strength.

The story also delves into the background of the comedic character and his will to defeat the enemy.

Meanwhile, Kenjaku battles with Takaba while enjoying their exchange.

Further, Jujutsu Kaisen readers expected the return of major characters in the story like Gojo and Yuta.

As new twists unravel in the series, many search for the spoilers and leaks of JJK 243 surfacing online.

So, Everything Was Yuta’s Plan?! JJK Chapter 243 Leaks, Spoilers, Raw Scans

With the raw scans and leaks online, JJK chapter 243 has been the topic of discussion for many.

The chapter titled Baka Survivor- Be Too Noisy starts with Kenjaku and Takaba entering the stage.

Further, the leaks reveal the duo performing their final act, where Kenjaku explores his parents.

Takaba and Kenjaku in JJK 243 leaks
The duo enjoyed their comedic time together. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, the mood switches up when the two joke about the Momotaro story, a children’s tale in Japan.

Likewise, they continue their banter on stage until seriousness looms on their faces.

Additionally, Takaba claims that the act is nearing its end, and he does not want it to be over.

According to the leaks of JJK chapter 243, Takaba cries on stage while Kenjaku consoles him.

The scene shifts to reality as Takaba lies on the ground wearing a white robe.

While the comedian thanks Kenjaku, the villain claims that his exchange with Takaba was super interesting.

However, out of nowhere, Yuta shows up behind Kenjaku and does not give him time to react.

Moreover, Yuta slashes through Kenjaku’s neck, decapitating his body.

JJK chapter 243 leaks
Yuta has many tricks up his sleeves. (Source: Twitter)

Despite Kenjaku’s efforts to use the anti-gravity cursed technique to stop Yuta, the sorcerer is too fast.

Similarly, Kenjaku wonders how he could not notice Yuta, who has such a high amount of cursed energy.

Further, Yuta confirms that it was his plan all along, as Takaba is incapable of killing anyone.

In the raw scans of JJK chapter 243 leaks, Kenjaku says that it was a shame as he was so close to his goal.

However, the villain seems to be plotting something at the end of the chapter.

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Fan Theories: What Is Kenjaku Plotting? Plan To Take Over Yuta

The shocking leaks for JJK chapter 243 have left fans wondering about the next move of the villain.

Further, theories have been circulating online regarding the future possibilities of the story.

Many believe that despite Yuta’s attack on Kenjaku, the villain might try to snatch the body of the sorcerer.

Moreover, as there are two characters on screen right now, Takaba and Yuta, Kenjaku can crawl into either’s body.

However, it is necessary to factor in that Kenjaku needs a dead body to take over it.

Kenjaku alongside Yuta in JJK leaks
Kenjaku is plotting something even on his deathbed. (Source: Twitter)

Likewise, it is possible that Kenjaku enforced his domain expansion during his final moments.

Additionally, at the end of the leaks of JJK 243, Kenjaku states that his wish will be inherited.

Despite much discussion on the matter, the creators have not confirmed any possibilities.

On the other hand, fans are hyped over the return of the special-grade cursed human, Yuta.

Over the story, the sorcerer has developed his powers to a higher level.

Moreover, he fulfilled his task of eliminating the ultimate enemy of the entire series.

Meanwhile, the official release of Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 243 is set for November 26, 2023.

Further, readers can access the official translations of the story through the Viz manga app.

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