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Yuta Revives Gojo?! JJK Chapter 244 Leaks And Spoilers, Reddit

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the most popular manga in the current times. With an intense twist in the story, readers look around the internet for the JJK chapter 244 leaks and spoilers.

Jujutsu Kaisen has been following the backstory and true powers of the comedic sorcerer, Takaba.

The series also explores his battle with Kenjaku which gives Yuta a perfect opportunity to defeat the villain.

Further, Yuta reveals his true intentions and plans to kill Kenjaku with his cursed energy and technique.

With such strong motives, readers expected to see the comeback of a major character like Gojo.

But is it possible to revive the strongest sorcerer? The leaks and spoilers of JJK chapter 244 give us an answer.

Yuta Revives Gojo?! JJK Chapter 244 Leaks, Spoilers Reddit Twitter

After a thrilling chapter and a shocking end, JJK fans look for the leaks and spoilers for chapter 244.

The previous chapter showed the final act between Takaba and Kenjaku where they enjoyed their time together.

However, the readers were shocked to see Yuta come from behind with a surprise attack on the villain.

JJK leaks 244 Yuta
Yuta has immense cursed energy. (Source: Twitter)

With a major villain killed off in the series, readers wonder about the future possibilities of JJK.

Likewise, during his final moments, Kenjaku claimed that his motive would be inherited by someone.

Now, as leaks of JJK chapter 244 surface, many are in the shadows about Kenjaku’s next move.

Many speculate that the events with Takaba were only a build-up for the return of Gojo.

Sukuna slashes the strongest sorcerer, and he is currently in battle with Yuji and Higamura.

But it could all be a ruse to revive Gojo with the help of the reverse curse technique of Shoko or Yuta.

Similarly, readers are hopeful for an exciting comeback of their favorite sorcerer.

Gojo comeback in manga
People often link Buddhism’s teachings with Gojo. (Source: Twitter)

However, with other issues at hand, the revival of Gojo may not be the main focus of JJK chapter 244.

Meanwhile, Reddit users have a theory of their own and think that the comeback of Gojo is an important aspect of the story.

Additionally, fans have claimed that Gojo might return as the truly enlightened one in the plot.

Moreover, during the hidden inventory ars, Gojo mentioned that as long as his head is intact, he can revive himself.

However, a long time has passed after his death, making readers even more curious.

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Gojo Comeback Possibilities: What’s Next For The Strongest Sorcerer?

Since the leaks of JJK circulate, many wonder about what’s in store for the story after chapter 244.

Although there’s a possibility that Akutami Gege is actually done with Gojo, as there is a thin chance of him returning.

Further, many theories and speculations have arisen after the King of Curses sliced Gojo in half.

Moreover, in his talk with his friends in the afterlife, Gojo said some stuff that was out of his character.

Gojo revived in JJK chapter leaks
Yuta can use the reverse curse technique to revive Gojo. (Source: Twitter)

Similarly, he bids farewell to his dead friends instead of joining them in the story.

Additionally, the lotus flower, symbolizing rebirth, highly associates itself with the strongest sorcerer.

On the other hand, Gojo is the sole bearer of 6 eyes in the manga, which is a strong power.

So, fans were not entirely convinced when the author killed off the sorcerer without much depth.

However, it is important to note that the creator of JJK has not confirmed anything in regard to Gojo’s comeback.

Readers will have to wait for newer releases to wait for the unlikely return of the character.

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