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Will Gege Kill Yuta? JJK Chapter 250 Leaks, Spoilers, Release Date

Gege Akutami is famous for surprising his JJK fans with different twists and plots in the manga series. This time, rumors of him potentially killing Yuta in the upcoming JJK chapter 250 are circulating.

Jujutsu Kaisen had a great week after smashing the release of its chapter 249.

Fans are thrilled to finally get Yuta bringing out his mysterious ‘True and Mutual Love’ domain expansion in action.

Gege Akutami did justice to fans’ expectations with the domain expansion.

It has elevated the power of Yuta’s curse technique, ‘Copy,’ which was already epic.

Now, fans wonder what will occur in chapter 250 of JJK, as they wonder if Gege will use or kill more of Yuta’s character.

Yuta’s True And Mutual Love Domain Expansion Takes Center Stage In JJK Chapter 250

Fans have been speculating that Yuta can use the ‘True and Mutual Love’ domain expansion to bring down Sukuna finally.

Before the revelation of the domain expansion, Yuta used his other techniques like ‘thin ice breaker’ and ‘cursed speech.’

With the ‘True and Mutual Love’ domain expansion, Yuta may finally have the upper hand against Sukuna.

Yuta now has one of the unique powers in the JJK world, which is fascinating for his fans. (Source: Twitter)

He may even be able to use strong commands against Sukuna to make him do what he wants.

Many spoilers online suggest that Yuta will also use the ‘shinigami’ technique, which he copied from Dhruv.

However, the highlight of chapter 250 of JJK will be his ‘copy’ cursed technique.

As we all know, Yuta was gone for a long time, suggesting that he may have further elevated his abilities.

There are chances that he may have copied other techniques from strong characters behind the scenes.

Yuta sukuna
Yuta and Sukuna make a very epic set of competitors; their battle is unmatchable. (Source: Twitter)

Chapter 250 of JJK will surely make the fans want more of Yuta.

Many spoilers also suggest that while Yuta takes center stage, there may be something big cooking for Yuji’s character.

Gege Akutami may have intentionally put Yuta’s abilities in the spotlight so that he could create a big opening for Yuji.

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Will Gege Kill Yuta? Rumors Swirl About Yuta’s Fate In JJK Chapter 250, Leaving Fans Anxious

It may be possible that after Yuta successfully weakens Sukuna, Yuji will finally end him.

There are also rumors that similar to many other characters in the show, Gege Akutami may kill Yuta after he weakens Sukuna.

However, there are no official confirmations of the rumors.

Meanwhile, fans are eager to watch Yuji land a couple of blows on Sukuna in chapter 250 of JJK.

Sukuna is not an easy competitor to defeat; he is the ‘king of curses.’

JJK chapter 250
Sukuna may be very powerful, but he knows that Yuta and Yuji can bring him down. (Source: Twitter)

So, the possibility is that Yuta and Yuji will come together to defeat him.

Fans can expect that Sukuna has his plan in mind, which can keep the battle going for a long time.

They hope Gege does not kill Yuta like Higuruma and Gojo.

Nevertheless, let’s see whether the rumors about Gege Akutami getting rid of Yuta’s character from the manga turn false.

We will only know after the official release of chapter 250 of JJK, which will be released on the 11th of February in 2024.

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