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Yuji Touch Soul Of Sukuna?! JJK Spoilers 249 Leaks And Preview

The spoilers of JJK chapter 249 suggest that Yuta has finally killed Kenjaku. Now, he has another hard battle & obstacle to face, i.e. Sukuna. All this, while Yuji does something that fans might not have anticipated.

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of those mangas known for its surprise element.

Writer Gege Akutami has never disappointed their fans with their incredible writing in the manga.

In the last chapter 248 of Jujutsu Kaisen, we see the battle between Yuji and Sukuna getting stronger.

Sukuna had many realizations about Higuruma death and disappearance of Gojo and his body.

Furthermore, Yuta finally joined the battle which led to Sukuna giving him a fearful warning.

The exciting chapter ended with the entry of Rika ‘The Queen’ which has left the fans wondering what may take place now.

Even though chapter 249 of JJK is yet to be released, some spoilers are already making waves on the internet.

JJK Chapter 249 Spoilers: Yuta’s Flashback Unleashes Chaos!

According to the spoilers, chapter 249 of JJK begins with a flashback of Yuta chopping off Kenjaku’s head.

In the flashback, as soon as Yuta slices Kenjaku’s head off his body, the cursed spirit goes out of control.

Yuta Cursed Spirit
Yuta may not be the best at the battle, but he is among the smartest. (Source: Twitter)

Yuta lets Rika take control of the rampaging cursed spirits.

The next scene, according to the JJK 249 spoiler, is Kenjaku still alive, flying with his severed head.

Kenjaku asks Kogane to add the rule that Megumi Fushiguro should now have the power to activate the merger between humans and Tengen.

He sees that Yuta is confused and tells him that he already has created a backup plan.

Not only that, but Kenjaku had also finished the inheritance ritual with Sukuna.

Then the scene switches to Tangen who is now in the form of an embryo. Kenjaku sends the Tengen toward Sukuna and Yuta finally pierces Kenjaku’s head.

Kenjaku is now finally taking his last breath while he says his last words.

He tells everyone that he is glad that the last person he got to play with was Takaba.

He adds, “I’ve got thousands of years worth of fun out of him now it’s your turn.”

Sukuna RCt returning to normal
Sukuna is not someone who will lose easily, his power is unmatchable as a villain. (Source: Twitter)

The scene switches back to the fight where Yuta notices that Sukuna’s RCT output is returning to normal.

He analyzes that Sukuna may soon be able to use his DE again.

Yuta’s Self-Blame, Katana Showdown with Sukuna, and Yuji’s Comeback In JJK 249 Spoilers

This makes Yuta extremely disappointed, he blames himself for all the things that are happening.

Yuta tells himself that he should have joined the Sukuna raid team.

He then reassures himself by saying he has to be the one to kill Kenjaku. Yuta then swings his sword toward Sukuna but Sukuna gets hold of it easily.

Sukuna catches Yuta's Katana
Sukuna catches Yuta’s Katana like it was nothing, he was already planning it on his head. (Source: Twitter)

He notices that Sukuna has got hold of the katana without actually touching it.

Yuta then lets go of his katana and starts punching Sukuna on his stomach where his mouth is located.

Finally, Yuta and Rika can begin their dual attack on Sukuna.

He opens his ‘True and Mutual Love’ domain against Sukuna. However, to counter the domain Sukuna uses his domain, ‘Hollow Whisker Basket.’

However, Yuta immediately hits Sukuna with another domain, ‘Thin Ice Breaker,’ which he had learned from Uro.

Sukuna makes fun of Yuta by saying that his CT is a copy.

The chapter finally ends with Yuji making his comeback to blow Sukuna.

In the end, Sukuna makes fun of Yuji, saying, “Good for you, you have finally got yourself a role.”

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