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Journalist Jo Franklin Wikipedia: Fake Millionaire Proved Homeless

After the reports of Wall Street Journal revealed that Jo Franklin was homeless and fooled every one of her wealthy connections, everyone who knew her was left in shock, and now people are searching for her Wikipedia for further details.

Josephine Jo Franklin was an accomplished American TV journalist and filmmaker.

She was widely recognized for her contributions to PBS reports and documentaries on the Middle East.

Apart from her TV career, Jo also made her way into the field of literature and wrote a self-published novel.

Meanwhile, after almost two years of her death, the Wall Street Journal released a report explaining how she portrayed herself as a multi-millionaire all her life. 

Following this report, curiosity regarding the personal life of Jo Franklin ultimately led people to her Wikipedia.

Journalist Jo Franklin Wikipedia: Biography And Career

Despite her promising career in the American journalism industry, Jo Franklin doesn’t have a well-dedicated Wikipedia page.

However, the following article will provide all the information about Jo Franklin that is relevant to Wikipedia.

Jo Franklin was born to her parents in Chicago in 1946 as Josephine Fortgang.

Jo Franklin captured during an interview.
Jo Franklin has had an interest in Journalism since her early years. (Source: Charlie Rose)

Raised in an upper-middle-class family, Josephine later attended the local high school for her initial schooling. 

Later, after completing high school, she was said to have graduated from the University of Florida, which was proved untrue by the latest report.

Nevertheless, after completing her studies, Jo Franklin began a career as a producer for the renowned MacNeil/Lehrer Reports on PBS.

While working at PBS, she produced numerous documentaries that delved into the complexities of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

Meanwhile, in 1989, Jo Franklin presented a PBS documentary, Days of Rage: The Young Palestinians, notable in her Wikipedia.

As soon as the documentary aired, it drew lots of criticism from those who viewed the program as pro-Palestinian.

Later, in 1990, Jo spent some time writing a self-published novel about a love story set during the Persian Gulf War. 

However, her writing was a major failure, and the New York Times criticized her writing.

Moreover, Jo Franklin was a once-in-a-lifetime personality in the journalism industry who never let others’ judgment define her.

But as per the latest revelation, she lived all her life in her own fantasies, disguising herself as a millionaire and fooling everyone into thinking that she was a friend of Prince Harry.

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Jo Franklin’s Married Life And Divorce

While Jo Franklin was working at PBS, she got married to surgeon Hugh Trout during the 1970s.

Further, the couple welcomed two children from the marriage together.

Jo Franklin captured in a close up shot.
Jo Franklin divorced her husband almost two decades after her wedding. (Source: Charlie Rose)

Their first child, daughter Ashely, was born in 1981, followed by a son, Hugh Jr., in 1985.

During this time Jo Franklin’s personal and professional life seemed to be at the top of her life.

Meanwhile, at the same time, she also gained widespread attention as a TV journalist and filmmaker.

However, in the mid-1990s, some challenges appeared in Jo’s life. Her career faced a lot of criticism, which led to her downturn, and she also went through a divorce from Hugh Trout.

Later, the divorce proceedings revealed Jo Franklin’s financial difficulties, yet she was leasing a Jaguar XJ6 and was $150,000 in debt.

Nevertheless, this unfortunate divorce later turned out to be a significant chapter of her life, leading her down the path and eventually becoming homeless.

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Life Of Jo After The Divorce From Hugh

Jo became lost in a world of fantasies of her own making after the divorce.

As she continuously streamed several lies, her children eventually decided to cut off ties with her.

Jo Franklin captured with the then Saudi prince.
Jo Franklin died in the apartment, believing she was house-sitting. (Source: Daily Mail)

Meanwhile, daughter Ashley also started noticing how Jo lived her life beyond means and appeared obsessed with her fame.

Later, this habit of hers led to a confrontation between the two about her spending habits and her numerous lies.

Further, as she continued living above her pay grade, she eventually ended up in Palm Beach Gardens.

After spending many years at Starbucks, her brother came to Florida and rented an apartment for her.

He took the help of the Starbucks friends to pretend they needed a house sitter and convinced her to move in.

Unfortunately, just after a year of living in the apartment, Jo Franklin passed away from heart failure at the age of 76.

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