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Joe Hooten Wikipedia, Age: Meet Corinne Foxx Fiance

After the news of the engagement of Joe Hooten and his fiance Corinne was revealed, people have shown their desire to know more about him, including his Wikipedia and age. Who is Joe, and what does he do for a living? Let’s find out!

Joseph Hooten, aka Joe, is a highly acclaimed and renowned writer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California.

Currently, he is a director at John Wells Production in their television department.

Throughout his life, Joe has been part of some amazing filmmaking projects and has an exceptional educational background.

However, aside from his professional work, he made headlines in the news for his engagement to the daughter of Janie, Corrine Foxx.

As a result, people searching for Joe Hooten Wikipedia page has subsequently increased in recent days.

Joe Hooten Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is He?

Joe Hooten is a popular and well-known name in the entertainment industry, yet his Wikipedia is unavailable.

So, we came up with the Wikipedia article of the filmmaker Joe Hooten.

Joe Hooten was born in a close-knit family in Barlett, Tennessee, United States.

Due to privacy reasons, he has not disclosed his date of birth, but he is assumed to be in his mid-20s. 

Despite his age, Joseph has established himself as a prominent name in the field.

Holding a deep passion for production, he graduated from the University of Southern California with a bachelor’s in Film and Television Production.

Joe Hooten together with his fiancee
Joe Hooten is a well-known figure in film production. (Source: Instagram)

After graduation, he worked as a production assistant at Film Independent for 10 months and interned as Original Programming Intern at Starz Entertainment for four months. 

Furthermore, he had an interest in learning the production of movies and how they express emotions.

In addition, Joe Hooten also wanted to teach what he learned, adding a new dimension to his Wikipedia page.

Thus, he also worked as a Teaching Assistant at his alma mater, the University of Southern California. 

Upon completing the course, he joined United Talent Agency as an Agent Trainee and worked in that position for over one and a half years.

He now works in John Wells Production, covering a wide range of projects through production as department director. 

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Joe Hooten And Corinne Foxx Relationship

Joe Hooten and Corinne Foxx, his fiance, attended the University of Southern California together. 

Additionally, Joe is private about disclosing his personal affairs and relationships.

However, Corinne, an actress, spoke to a magazine in December 2020 about landing a role in the drama Safety and gave insights into her personal life. 

There, she mentioned that she had been dating for two years with the love of her life, Joe Hooten. 

Before, she also opened up about her relationship with her fans through her Instagram handle in 2019.

Joe Hooten and his partner after engagement
Joe Hooten got engaged to Corinne Fox in December 2023. (Source: Instagram)

Corinne shared some romantic glimpses of the couple holding hands on the beach shore in Florida. 

Though no one knows how they first met or how they got into a relationship, it is obvious that the pair share a special bond.

They both are adventurous and often travel around the United States during vacations. 

So, as Joe and Corinne were candid about it throughout their time together, people did expect good news from them.

And, unsurprisingly, their engagement news blew the internet. Corinne Foxx herself revealed the news about her special day through her social media handle. 

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