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Joe Locicero Wikipedia, Net Worth: Gina Rodriguez Husband

After Joe Locicero became the husband of famous actress Gina Rodriguez, many sought details about his personal and professional life, prompting searches on Wikipedia. So, who is he? Let’s get to know. 

A Hollywood couple falling in love in the middle of a shooting is not a new thing. Various matches have been made throughout the years behind the scenes of extravagant movies.

One such couple is Gina Rodriguez and Joe Locicero, who met in the movie Jane the Virgin set.

After dating for some time, the couple got married in 2019, and now, they are considered one of the most romantic couples in Hollywood.

With this, the internet surge for the Wikipedia of Joe Locicero has intensified to get information on their relationship and married life.

Joe Locicero Wikipedia: Married Life & Career

Like his wife, Gina Rodriguez, Joe Locicero is also an actor and has played various roles in famous TV shows and movies.

One role that stands out in his long Hollywood career is the role of Vincent ‘Vinny’ Walker in the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

Joe Locicero close up picture
Joe Locicero is an actor. (Source: Twitter)

His lead roles in the movies Jane the Virgin and Miss Bala are also heavily praised by critics and fans.

In his most acclaimed show, Joe met his now-wife Gina Rodriguez, but their romance began only after six months of working together.

While revealing the details of their relationship in an interview, Gina added that she did not even recognize Joe Locicero during their second meeting.

As per her, it was on their fourth meeting in a boxing gym when Joe Locicero asked her out.

After spending two years as girlfriend and boyfriend, Joe finally proposed marriage to Gina in 2018.

Joe Locicero spending quality time with his wife
Joe Locicero and Gina have a love story similar to fairytales in the movies. (Source: Twitter)

A year later, in 2019, they finally tied the knot and have been together ever since.

Gina Rodriguez calls herself extremely lucky to have a multi-talented husband like Joe.

Regarding his wealth, Gina’s spouse has a net worth of around $35 million.

His primary source of income is undoubtedly his acting career. Further, he also makes money as a boxer.

Joe Locicero won the WCK Middleweight California amateur Myuai Thai champion in 2018, which is relevant to add to his Wikipedia.

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Exploring Joe Locicero’s Fatherhood And His Advocacy For The Environment

The dedication and focus of Joe Locicero in every aspect of his life are awe-inspiring.

Like his professional life, his personal life is also very successful, which he often shares on his Instagram.

Likewise, Joe Locicerois, on his Instagram, shares how grateful he is to be a father.

His wife, Gina Rodriguez, also shares how great of a dad he is, and she could not have imagined anyone else to be the father of a baby.

Joe Locicero and Gina Rodriguez
Joe Locicero and Gina Rodriguez met on a movie set. (Source: Twitter)

Among various things that Gina Rodriguez adores about Joe Locicero, one is his concern for the environment.

Joe Locicero often makes various awareness posts on his Instagram with the hashtag ‘Save Soil.’

He wishes that the current generation will be able to present a beautiful planet to the future.

This further proves how great of a guy Joe is not only on screen but even off-screen.

He is set to play various roles in his upcoming movies. His career in Hollywood is flourishing, and he seems to have a bright future.

Let’s hope Joe Locicero will have more hits and blockbusters to add to his Wikipedia in the coming years.

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