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Joe Smith Ex Wife is Yolanda Smith, Mother of 3!

Joe Smith, ever since his retirement from his game, has been in the news mostly for his relationships. One relationship that is somewhat underlooked is the marriage of Joe Smith and his ex-wife, Yolanda Smith.

Joseph Leynard Smith, famously known as Joe Smith, is an NBA player who was born in the year 1975 on July 26th.

During his 16-year-long NBA career, he has played for 16 terms.

He was able to get the title of College Player of The Year at Maryland in the year 1995.

Not only that, he was also the No.1 pick in one of the seasons of NBA picked by the Golden State Warriors.

Apart from his NBA career, Joe Smith is also famous for his long list of relationships, one being with his ex-wife, Yolanda.

Joe Smith Ex-Wife Yolanda Smith: Journey from Romance to Heartbreak

Yolanda and Joe were in love and fell in love with each other in the early 2000s.

They were in a long relationship before finally making it official in 2001.

Joe Smith Ex Wife
Joe and Yolanda are on good terms and bond well with their kids. (Source: Twitter)

The couple were very much the talk of the town and were admired by many for their amazing relationship.

During their marriage, the couple welcomed three children; the family looked like the ideal family that many dreamt of.

However, the relationship took a dark turn and came to an end in the year 2011.

Yolanda decided to separate from Joe by filing for a divorce.

The reason is Joe’s extramarital affair with another woman, Deanna Marie.

It was a shocking revelation for Yolanda when she got to learn about her husband’s affair.

Joe Smith Basketball
Jow Smith had a great basketball career, which he still receives praise for. (Source: Instagram)

She describes the moment as one filled with humiliation and betrayal, which was notably too much to bear for her.

After this heartbreaking news, another embarrassing event was to follow the now-separated couple.

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Scandals Of Joe Smith’s Infidelity And Yolanda’s Graceful Response

Deanna Marie posted many pictures of herself and Joe Smith on Twitter.

Now, the infidelity was for the world to see, and it was not only for Joe Smith but for his ex-wife Yolanda as well.

This was the last straw for Yolanda, which eventually led her to end the relationship finally.

The tweets of Deanna Marie resulted in a huge storm in the media and the public.

Despite public scrutiny of their relationship, Yolanda was very gracious about everything.

Instead of getting wrapped up in the drama, she decided to address the situation on her terms from her social media.

Joe Smith
Joe Smith now enjoys a very simple life with his new wife. (Source: Instagram)

In her response, she made a question to Deanna about why she was still bothering her.

She politely asks her to stop doing that and messing with her and Joe’s private life.

Her response garnered many positive comments for Yolanda about how graceful she is.

On the other hand, the divorce still took place, impacting not only Joe Smith and his ex-wife Yolanda but also their three kids.

The family as a whole has to endure many financial and emotional changes after the divorce.

Joe Smith was to pay his ex-wife Yolanda a hefty amount of $10,339 as child support.

The amount later reached $968 monthly due to Joe’s financial challenges.

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