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Joel Kim Booster Tattoo: How Many Does The Actor Have? Hidden Meaning

The stand-up comedian Joel Kim Booster is quite a hot topic, and people are curious to know about his tattoo and its meaning.

Joel Alexander Kim Booster is an American actor, comedian, producer, and writer.

Hailing from South Korea, Joel was born on February 29, 1988.

However, he was adopted by an American couple as an infant and was raised in Illinois.

Joel is an openly gay individual who has co-produced and written Big Mouth and The Other Two.

In addition to these works, he has appeared in Shrill, Search Party, Sunnyside, Fire Island, and the modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.

Further, Joel studied theater at Millikin University for his bachelor’s degree.

But what has caught the fans’ attention is Joel’s tattoos and the meaning behind them.

Joel Kim Booster Tattoo: How Many Does The Actor Have?

The stand-up comedian is known for his humorous takes on bad tattoos.

The number of tattoos Joel has is surprisingly hard to count, given his open nature of sharing personal details.

Joel has six primary tattoos spread all over his body.

Further, he tweeted that he stopped getting tattoos at one point because he thought it would keep him from getting roles.

But after ten years of getting zero bookings, he decided to get one and did not stop there.

Joel Kim has many tattoos that reflect his personality
Joel is open about his sexuality and talks about it often (Source: Instagram)

Fans have spotted Joel’s tattoos in his photos on Instagram, ranging from his shoulders to legs.

Over the years, he has shown off his tattoos during stand-up shows and interviews.

However, Joel’s current boyfriend, John Michael Kelly, does not seem to fan tattoos as he does not have any.

Further, Joel does not seem to cover his tattoos during work as the characters he plays blend with his off-screen personality.

For a long time, fans have wondered about the meaning and story behind his tattoos.

Hidden Meaning And Design: Joel Kim Booster’s Tattoos

During his interview with Seth Meyers on the Late Night show, Joel talked in detail about his tattoos.

Joel has a K-pop heart sign tattoo on his calve, which is a matching one he got with the cast of Sunnyside.

This tattoo holds Joel’s emotional connection to his friends in the industry.

Joel and Mei are friends who worked together in a sitcom Sunnyside
Joel has a matching tattoo with co-star Mei Lin (Source: Instagram)

Further, Joel has a tattoo that looks like the letter ‘R’ on his wrist, which he got at age 18.

The letter is actually a Nordic rune, meaning journey, which the actor states means nothing to him.

Another visible tattoo Joel has is a Jane Austin quote that says, ‘Of Rears and Vices, I saw enough.’

Moreover, the comedian jokes about having an incomplete tattoo on his foot.

Joel wanted one that says, ‘The whole world is your stage’ in Latin. However, he ran out of money to complete it.

Similarly, Joel has two tattoos on his thighs, which he describes as his naughty tattoos.

Joel Kim is loved by fans for his humorous and fun personality
Joel won the GLAAD award for his movie Fire Island (Source: Instagram)

On one of his thighs, he has a tattoo that resembles a chemical reaction structure, but he has not revealed its meaning.

And on the other, Joel has an infinity tattoo with the F-word, which refers to gay men.

Furthermore, tattoos seem like a way for the actor to channel his personality and style.

In his career, Joel has been called a Comic to Watch by Variety and was named a Forbes‘ 30 under 30 in Hollywood & Entertainment.

He often talks about his sexuality in his stand-up, which the younger fans seem to admire.

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