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Michigan State Police Trooper Joel Popp Family: Wife Stefanie & Daughter Emalyn

An accident has left a young family without a father, Joel Popp is no more but the community and the Michigan Police Department are making sure his family are not facing any more problems.

Joel Popp was a Michigan state police trooper who is now no more due to an unfortunate accident during his duty.

The accident occurred during one of his traffic investigation duties on January 24th, 2024.

He was just 39 years old and was in the Tri-City post in the Michigan State Police Department.

After the accident, Joel Popp was taken to a nearby Hurley Medical Center but sadly he did not make it.

The community and the entire Michigan State Police Department are now grieving the loss of the young trooper Joel Popp along with his family.

Life Of Trooper Joel Popp Cut Short by Tragic Accident, Leaving a Grieving Family Behind

The death of trooper Joel Popp has left behind his wife, Stephanie, and daughter, Emalyn, in a state of sorrow.

Joel Popp was very young and had just become a father some years ago.

Joel Popp Family
Joel Popp will forever be alive in the memories of those who hold him close to their hearts. (Source: Twitter)

He was an extremely hard-working man who had never failed to provide for his family.

As a trooper, Joel Popp had to spend much of his time in the field but always ensured that his family was his priority.

Everyone who knows the family says that Joel Popp was an amazing father and a lovely husband.

One of his friends describes him as someone who loved being a father to his daughter.

He always found unique ways to make his daughter Emalyn happy.

His wife Stephanie adored the way Joel Popp would put so much work into ensuring that the family was always having a good time.

Stephanie has always been a great partner to Joel Popp even when he had not become an officer.

Before becoming the Michigan State Police trooper, Joel Popp used to work for Frito-Lay.

Trooper Joel Popp
Trooper Joel Popp was an extraordinary young individual who was a great father and an amazing human being. (Source: Twitter)

Stephanie stood with him like a pillar to support him on his journey of becoming a trooper.

Sadly, the reckless driving of an 81-year-old man resulted in the death of Joel Popp.

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Community Rallies to Support Fallen Trooper’s Family: Fundraisers Raise Over $60,000 

After his death, the community and the Michigan Police Department are trying to make sure that his family will be doing fine in the future.

Even though they are unable to fully end the sorrow of Joel Popp family, they are making sure that the family is at least financially provided for.

Raising a young child alone in today’s world is a very tough situation to be in.

Joel Popp funeral
Joel Popp’s funeral was very emotional and moving, his co-workers were very sad as well. (Source: Twitter)

The people in the community are aware of this which is why they have been arranging many fundraisers for the family of Joel Popp.

An online fundraiser for Joel has raised nearly 60 thousand U.S. dollars.

More than 800 people have contributed to the GoFundMe for the family of Joel Popp.

The Michigan Police Department has also arranged a fundraiser for the family.

Hopefully, Stephanie and Emalyn can return to their normal life soon enough and have their loved ones with them in these difficult times.

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