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Does Joey Graziadei Have Jaundice? Reason For Yellow Eyes

While Joey Graziadei continues to form a strong bond in season 28 of The Bachelorette, fans worry about his health and question if he has jaundice as his eyes presented yellow hues in recent episodes. So, is the contestant healthy?

Joseph Michael Graziadei is an American television personality best known as the runner-up on season 20 of The Bachelorette.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Graziadei had an unstable household as his parents split up at a young age.

However, such obstacles didn’t stop the personality from pursuing his interest in the entertainment industry.

Before, Graziadei was a teaching tennis pro and Ike Kuluz ambassador at The Club at Kukuiʻula in Hawaii.

In recent days, the reality star has made a name for himself as the chosen lead of season 28 of The Bachelor.

Following his one-on-one date with fellow contestant Daisy Kent, fans noticed a concerning detail on Graziadei.

As his eyes seemed yellow in several episodes, fans worried that Joey Graziadei had jaundice.

Does Joey Graziadei Have Jaundice? Reason For Yellow Eyes

Soon after the release of his one-on-one date episode, viewers couldn’t help but notice the yellow eyes of Joey Graziadei.

Concerns arose among many as they speculated that Joey Graziadei had jaundice.

However, Joey Graziadei does not seem to have jaundice, as official statements have not been made.

Joey Graziadei holding a rose
Graziadei promises a season filled with fun and romance. (Source: Instagram)

Further, fans quickly noted that only his eyes were yellow in the episode, while Daisy’s looked completely normal.

Such conditions can be the result of several issues, including gallstones, alcohol use disorder, and liver infection.

As a popular media personality, it is natural for viewers to worry about their favorites’ health and well-being.

Shortly after some fans noticed the change in Graziadei’s appearance, they began speculating on the reason.

Moreover, many claimed that the yellow eyes could result from unmatched lighting in the show.

Apart from rumors of having jaundice, people began stating that Joey Graziadei might have Gilbert’s syndrome.

Regardless of such discussions, neither Graziadei nor his team has addressed the issue of these unusual eyes.

Joey Graziadei smiling at the camera
Graziadei values and respects his connections and family. (Source: Instagram)

Further, he has not revealed any other illness that he suffered from in his active years.

So, it could be an issue in the editing department that has caused concerns for the reality star’s health.

Despite the lack of official information, fans want to stop the production of The Bachelor to give Graziadei some time off.

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Will The Bachelor Season 28 Finale Feature Joey Graziadei’s Engagement?

As the lead of The Bachelor season 28, Joey Graziadei has been getting all the attention.

Further, dozens of women try to please him each week to find a strong connection with the star.

The show’s opening featured Graziadei having an emotional final rose moment hinting at his potential future.

Joey Graziadei on a date with Daisy
Viewers want Graziadei and Kent to be the end game. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the star revealed that he struggled with self-doubt throughout the series despite romance being the core part.

The season has promised to be filled with fun, romance, adventure, and inspiration as Graziadei finds his true love.

Previously, he landed the second position after getting rejected at the final moments of The Bachelorette.

After his departure, Graziadei moved close to home and focused on his career as a tennis coach.

Now, the star seems drawn towards Daisy Kent, who shared an intimate date with him.

Kent is a 25-year-old account executive who dreams of having a love story similar to fairytales.

Joey posing with Daisy Kent on a dinner date
Graziadei surprised Kent with a helicopter ride. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, Graziadei indulged in a trip to his hometown with Kent, which further hinted at their growing bond.

Fans are excited to witness where the new connection leads Graziadei as they eagerly wait for his engagement in the finale episode.

Further, season 28 of The Bachelor airs every Monday at 8 P.M. Eastern Time on ABC Network.

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