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Is Joey Graziadei Jewish? Ethnicity & Religion Of The Bachelorette Star

After his appearance on Season 20 of The Bachelorette, Joey Graziadei gained fame for his Jewish appearance, which sparked fan curiosity about his religion and ethnicity. So, is he Jewish or of a different background? Let’s find out more.

Joseph “Joey” Michael Graziadei is an American television personality who was born in Royersford, Pennsylvania in 1995.

Graziadei has two sisters and his parents divorced when he was young, after his father came out as gay.

Furthermore, he had a successful college tennis career at West Chester University.

He came into limelight after appearing on Season 20 of The Bachelorette and starring in Season 28 of The Bachelor.

And meanwhile, some viewers assume Joey Graziadei could be jewish based on his “Jewish looks”.

With this, people are questioning if Joey Graziadei belongs to Jewish community.

Is Joey Graziadei Jewish? Ethnicity & Religion Of The Bachelorette Star

While Joey Graziadei is of Italian and Hawaiian descent, his specific religious affiliation is unclear.

Some fans have speculated that Joey Graziadei may be Jewish, but this has not been officially confirmed by him.

Joey Graziadei
Joey Graziadei has earned more than 259K followers on Instagram after he gained spotlight from “The Bachelorette”.(Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Graziadei was born to parents Nick and Cathy in Pennsylvania.

His last name “Graziadei” is Italian in origin, pointing to his Italian ancestry. However, details on the Hawaiian side of his family are scarce.

Moreover, Graziadei seems to have close bonds with his sisters Carly and Ellie, but not much is known about his extended family.

As for his faith, Graziadei has not made any public statements about his religious beliefs or practices.

However, there are no indications that he was raised in a particular religious tradition.

Some viewers theorize he could be Jewish based on his ethnic ambiguity and stereotypical “Jewish looks,” but these assumptions remain unproven.

Ultimately, Joey Graziadei’s religious identity remains a mystery. He seems to keep mum regarding his spiritual affiliations and background.

Joey Graziadei
Joey Graziadei was inspired to pursue a career in tennis by his tennis-pro uncle. (Source: Instagram)

While curiosity looms about his potential Jewish heritage, fans will have to rely on speculation unless Graziadei opts to open up about his faith.

For now, his religious identity provides an extra layer of intrigue surrounding his ethnic blend and family history.

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Joey Graziadei Career Details And Net Worth

Graziadei has built his net worth of approximately $250,000 through a variety of professional pursuits.

He graduated from West Chester University in 2017 with a degree in communication and media studies.

During college, Graziadei was on the tennis team and a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity.

After graduation, Graziadei worked as a tennis teaching pro in Hawaii at The Club at Kukuiʻula.

He also served as an Ike Kuluz brand ambassador. These roles allowed Graziadei to turn his collegiate tennis skills into a career.

Joey Graziadei
Joey Graziadei comes from an Italian-Hawaiian descent. (Source: Instagram)

In 2022, Graziadei gained national fame appearing on Season 20 of The Bachelorette, where he was the runner-up.

This launched him into the reality television spotlight and he leveraged this exposure to become the lead of Season 28 of The Bachelor in 2024.

As the current star of The Bachelor, Graziadei is likely earning a salary in the mid-six figures.

If he plays his cards right, he can also expect ample Instagram sponsorship and appearance opportunities.

However, Graziadei’s net worth stands to increase thanks to his reality TV popularity and ambition to stay in the limelight.

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