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Is John Cusack Gay? Sexuality, Partner & Dating History

After keeping details of his private life private, people have made a lot of speculation about John Cusack, with many rumors spreading around about him being gay.

John Cusack, a veteran American actor, is renowned for his roles in famous movies like Say Anything, The Sure Thing, and Sixteen Candles.

He gained fame as Hollywood’s beloved heartthrob by portraying romantic leads in numerous popular films.

John has earned the Canadian Screen Awards and the Chicago Film Critics Association accolades for his outstanding performances.

Despite maintaining privacy about his personal life, he has always sparked speculation about his sexuality. 

Is John Cusack Gay? The Truth About His Sexuality!

Many have questioned the relationship status of John Cusack, sparking rumors about his sexuality, particularly whether he is gay.

Despite portraying the perfect boyfriend on-screen numerous times, John Cusack has never settled down. 

These factors have fueled speculation about whether John Cusack is gay.

However, John unequivocally denied this himself, stating to The Guardian in 2000 that he has “never been gay.”

John smiling and waving
John is a gay marriage supporter. (Source: Twitter)

So, no, John Cusack is not gay. By his admission and from his dating history, he is straight.

He cherishes his independence and does not conform to society’s expectations of settling down.

John’s priority has always been his work rather than his relationships.

Furthermore, his rich dating history, which includes some of the biggest actresses in Hollywood, provides evidence that John is not gay.

While John Cusack has given stellar boyfriend performances in his movies, he remains proudly single.

Although he is not gay, John is a gay marriage supporter, and in one of his tweets, he supported gay marriage and showed rage against the law that prohibited same-sex marriage and ratified slavery.

So, although he isn’t one, he supports one. Moreover, people have also been curious to learn about his dating history as he has dated many beautiful ladies.

A Peek At John Cusack Relationship History

Since his involvement in the entertainment industry, John Cusack has dated multiple ladies.

He dated American vocalist Susannah Melvoin, who famously worked as a backup singer. They commenced their relationship in 1992 and were together for three years.

In 1997, John dated Alison Eastwood, a producer, actress, and model.

They first met on set and later commenced a relationship. However, the relationship was short-lived, as John was spotted with actress Minnie Driver that same year.

John standing beside Minnie smiling
John met Minnie on the set of Grosse Pointe Blank. (Source: IMDB)

Later, Minnie Driver, a renowned English-American actress and singer, met John on set in 1997, and they dated briefly for some months before calling it quits.

Then, there was Neve Campbell, whom John romantically linked with after meeting in Canada in 1998.

They began dating the same year, and it ended after four years.

Between 2002 and 2008, John had an on-and-off relationship with actress and fashion designer Jodi Lyn O’Keefe.

Before they broke up, she hoped he would warm to marriage and eventually propose to her. 

Brooke Burns was the last publicly known relationship that John Cusack had with the American actress and the relationship lasted for a year.

Since then, the public has remained unaware of the personal life of the High Fidelity star.

Although John has made headlines for cozying up with many ladies, he has not yet married.

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The Reason Behind John Cusack Remains Unmarried

While John has had his share of high-profile relationships with female celebrities, he has never tied the knot.

A closer look at John’s relationship history reveals his consistent avoidance of too much commitment.

John does not seem to stay with anyone for too long. His longest relationship only lasted 6 years. Most actors of his age might just be getting warmed up.

John Cusack straight face
John is not very interested in the idea of settling down. (Source: Twitter)

While he manages to temporarily invest in his romantic partnerships, he loses interest in committing for the long haul every time.

John Cusack has always spoken candidly about his apathy towards marriage:

I’m not as interested in being married as in coming to some sort of clarity about the whole thing… I’ve been in love maybe two or three times in my life.

By his early 50s, it seems John Cusack has achieved clarity about marriage – it’s just not for him.

Without family commitment pressure, he can focus solely on acting and pursuing projects he is passionate about rather than just focusing on a paycheck.

So, while fans may still be urging him to finally settle down, John Cusack seems to have made peace with the solitary path.

Acting remains his one true love, and he can wholly give himself to that without any need for closet skeletons.

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