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Jonathan Davino Wikipedia Net worth Age: Sydney Sweeney fiance

The relationship of Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney has recently faced considerable scrutiny, prompting people to search on Wikipedia for more information on her fiancé, Jonathan Davino. Who is Jonathan? Let’s find out!

Jonathan Davino is a well-known American entrepreneur, restaurant owner, and businessman from Chicago.

He embarked on his career in restaurant management due to his family’s longstanding involvement in the industry.

Moreover, he once owned two Chicago restaurants, Mista Pizza and Pompei Xpress, both closed.

In addition, Jonathan produces three of Sydney Sweeney’s next endeavors: The Caretaker, Immaculate, and Players Table.

However, aside from his professional work, he made headlines in the news for his relationship with the Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney.

As a result, people searching for the Wikipedia page of Jonathan Davino has subsequently increased in recent days.

A Peek On Jonathan Davino Wikipedia: Age And Net Worth

Despite his engagement to a well-known celebrity, Jonathan Davino still does not have a Wikipedia page.

So, here are some details about Jonathan Davino that could be included in his Wikipedia.

With limited information available, it is said that Jonathan Davino was born in 1984 to Roger Davino and Velda Davino, making him 39 years old now.

Jonathan and Sydney in white
Since his romance with Sydney Sweeney, Jonathan Davino has become more well-known. (Source: Twitter)

Jonathan has two sisters, Kimi and Carissa, and five brothers named Tommy, Mark, Robert, Jimmy, and Anthony.

Meanwhile, with remarkable body stats, Jonathan stands at a decent height of 5 feet 9 inches.

As for his education, he received it at a reputable institution in Chicago, after which he started managing his father’s restaurant.

He, along with his father, is a co-owner of the Chicago restaurant Mista Pizza. They also had ownership of Pompei Xpress in Lakeview.

Shortly after opening Pompei, Jonathan and his father faced legal issues when his uncle, Ralph Davino, owner of Pompei Bakery Ltd, sued them over the name.

Jonathan Davino and Sydney Sweeney in New York city.
Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino began dating in 2018 and engaged in 2022. (Source: Twitter)

Nevertheless, Jonathan has accumulated pretty good assets, as various reports estimate his net worth to be $3 million.

Likewise, he maintains a private profile by avoiding social media, adding an air of mystery to his life that keeps fans curious.

Fans want to know more about Jonathan Davino, so they look up his Wikipedia page and other references.

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How Did HBO Star Sydney Sweeney And Jonathan Davino Meet?

While Sydney Sweeney has aimed to keep her relationship private, growing fame has drawn increased attention from fans.

Linked since 2018, the couple got engaged in 2022, with Jonathan being 13 years older than the 26-year-old Sydney.

Though no one knows how they first met or how they got into a relationship, it is obvious that the pair share a special bond.

In an interview, Sydney once stated,

“I don’t date actors or musicians or anyone in entertainment because I can just be normal Syd that way and it’s easiest.”

While there are few photos of them together, they attended an Emmy party in Los Angeles in 2018.

Jonathan Davino and Sydney Sweeney smiling.
Sydney Sweeney’s fiancé, Jonathan Davino, has no dedicated Wikipedia yet. (Source: Twitter)

Additionally, they attended an InStyle and Kate Spade dinner party in October of the same year.

While filming her part in The White Lotus in November 2020, Sweeney and Jonathan kissed in Hawaii.

Nevertheless, Jonathan and Sydney have been in a relationship for six years and enjoy their moment together.

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