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Is Joy Reid Gay? Controversy On Homophobic Post

With the rising popularity of Joy Reid, many people are curious about her sexuality, whereas some are wondering if she is gay. What is the truth? Let’s find out!

Joy Reid is a well-known American TV host, political commentator, and author.

Joy has also written books like The Man Who Sold America: Trump and the Unraveling of the American Story.

People like listening to Joy because she shares her thoughts on what’s happening in the country.

Recently, there was some buzz about Joy Reid talking candidly on a hot topic about President Biden.

Similarly, her bold statement attracted lots of viewers. As a result, the search for her personal life and sexuality rose significantly as they wondered if Joy Reid was Gay.

Nevertheless, rumors are spreading all over the internet, which has also created a downfall for her books,

Is Joy Reid Gay? Controversy On Homophobic Post

Politicians often catch people’s attention for their popularity, policy positions, and personal matters.

This time, it is Joy Reid, a well-known figure from the USA whose gay rumors have spread all over the internet.

Many of his people are curious to know the actual truth if Reid is gay or not.

In 2018, she apologized for some earlier blog entries that were not positive about the LGBTQ+ community.

Joy Reid reading book.
Joy Reid is married to Jason Reid, and they have three children together. (Source: Twitter)

These posts were criticized, and Reid clarified that they were from her old Reid Report blog.

Recently, there have been fresh allegations of homophobic writing, but Joy Reid denies them, arguing they could be the outcome of hacking.

Moreover, the crisis deepened when a Twitter user brought attention to Reid’s previous blog entries.

However, there is no truth to the rumors that Joy Reid is gay.

In April, additional screenshots emerged revealing Reid allegedly condoning homophobic remarks by other users.

However, Joy Reid has not apologized for these posts as she claims they are not her words.

Though Reid denies it, the Internet Archive refused her request because there were insufficient grounds to support her allegations.

Joy Reid in her show
Joy Reid has a unique perspective, engaging reporting, and fearless interviewing. (Source: Twitter)

According to Reid’s cybersecurity expert, who was hired to investigate, she believes that her old blog was hacked.

Currently, no public information is available regarding Reid being gay, nor has she spoken about it publicly.

In conclusion, the rumors about Joy Reid being gay are just another online hoax caused by the manipulation of her old blog posts.

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Details On Joy Reid’s Early Life And Career

Joy-Ann Reid, also known as Joy Reid, is an American celebrity born on 8 December 1968 in Brooklyn.

Her parents, Philomena Carryl Lomena and Sebastien Ibeke Lomena, were immigrants from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Further, she was raised with her sister and brother, mostly in Denver, Colorado.

When Reid was 17 years old, her mother died, and she moved to Brooklyn to live with her aunt.

Moreover, Reid received a BA in film from Harvard University and graduated in 1991.

Joy Reid in orange dress.
Like any public figure, Joy Reid has faced controversies throughout her career. (Source: Twitter)

One of the biggest changes in her life was her college life, which took her from a predominantly African American community to a mixed one.

Subsequently, she learned to live alone, paying her bills and tuition, which helped her to become independent at an early age.

Similarly, after graduating in 1997, Reid began her journalism career, where she worked as a morning show host on Channel WSVN.

Later, she left journalism to join America Coming Together, which was a movement against the Iraq War and George W. Bush.

In 2008, he joined Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and returned to broadcasting as a talk radio host.

Reid worked various jobs during her career, such as a co-host on a morning radio talk show, managing editor for The Grio, and political columnist.

In 2014, Reid had her own MSNBC show, The Reid Report, and then moved on to becoming an MSNBC national correspondent.

Currently, Joy Reid anchors The ReidOut, a talk show that debuted in July 2020.

Nonetheless, Reid also teaches classes on race, gender, and the media at Syracuse University in Manhattan.

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