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Julia Love Child: Gender Reveal Of Baby With Husband Julian

With the recent news of the first child of Julia and Julian Love, people have been curious about the gender reveal of the baby. So, let’s find out!

Julia Love is a well-known figure famous for marrying Julian Love.

The Seattle Seahawks recognize Julian Love as a well-known and accomplished football player.

Meanwhile, Julia is recognized as the founder of a natural skincare brand, along with her title of a footballer wife.

In addition, on her Instagram, she opens up about her life as a wife and soon-to-be mom.

Her posts give us a glimpse into her journey from supporting her husband on the field to navigating the exciting path of motherhood.

Also, through social media, Julia connects with her audience, sharing the ups and downs of her life.

Nevertheless, many netizens became interested in the first child of Julia Love after she posted about the news on her Instagram.

Julia And Julian’s Journey: Career And Age

Julia Love, the wife of Seattle Seahawks cornerback Julian Love, is a main figure in professional sports.

Firstly, Julia Love, a business student at Saint Mary’s College, started her skincare brand Natural Baller while still in school.

With a focus on organic ingredients, the brand aims to nurture the skin naturally, leading it to prominence in the beauty market.

Julia Love in her pregnancy stage.
Julia Love looks happy about her baby. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, she is active on social media, sharing updates about her skincare business and her personal life, including her husband Julian’s football career. 

Julian Love, born on March 19, 1998, is a 25-year-old footballer who made a mark when the New York Giants drafted him.

Further, the Seattle Seahawks signed him as an undrafted free agent on March 17, 2023, and he has played in the NFL for five years.

However, his talent as a cornerback shone through when he played for the Giants and the Seattle Seahawks.

On the other hand, Julian maintains strong friendships and leads a conflict-free personal life off the field.

Julia Love Child
Julian Love has more than 72k followers on Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

The couple have been together since high school and continue to inspire with their commitment to each other.

Yet, he married Julia in 2022, marking the start of their marital journey together.

Moreover, Julia Love and Julian Love actively await the arrival of their first child while being involved in their respective careers and personal endeavors.

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The Love Child Gender Reveal Party: Julia And Julian’s Parenting Journey

Julia and Julian Love recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary by inviting over 200 guests to mark the special occasion.

Moreover, Julian posted pictures on social media, saying thanks for the amazing memories from their first year of marriage.

Amid all the happiness, Julia couldn’t stop smiling as she shared pictures from various baby showers.

The couple finally revealed that they were expecting a baby boy, and Julia expressed their joy by saying,

Our little boy is so lucky already to have so much love in his life.

Julia Love in her baby shower.
Julia Love has a sister named Samantha Veome who will be the aunt of their child. (Source: Instagram)

In a heartwarming post, Julian mentioned, “Our boys might teach this baby to play football, but his aunties will show him how to throw a party” in a playful video post, hinting at the fun and lively atmosphere their child can expect.

Moreover, people think they’ll be loving parents with a warm touch and maybe a bit of sports excitement.

Anticipating their kids loving the game with Julian’s football background, Julia’s vibrant social media hints at a joyful family.

Nonetheless, the couple appears ecstatic and well-prepared for the adventures of parenthood.

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