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Justin Shilling Obituary: Family Memory Of Ethan Crumbley Victims

Justin Shilling was a son, an athlete, a friend to many, and an organ donor, and his obituary is heartwarming. His death has left a huge impact on everyone in Michigan. 

In 2021, a heinous decision made by 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley changed the lives of many families in Michigan.

Ethan openly fired shots at his schoolmates in the halls of his high school.

During the attack, he ended up killing four students of the Oxford school in Michigan.

The four students are Tate Myre, Madisyn Baldwin, Hana St Juliana, and Justin Shilling.

Justin Shilling, the last one to be shot, ended up dying at the age of 17.

He had a very bright future ahead of him, but sadly, he lost his battle with his life in the hospital due to the injuries from the gunshot.

The obituary of Justin Shilling is full of heartwarming memories of him from his family and loved ones.

Justin Shilling Obituary: Community Mourns The Loss Of A Bright Soul And Promising Future

Even though Justin Shillingis is no more, he has left a big mark on his community and the lives of his friends and families.

His parents describe his death as ‘beyond imagination.’

Justin Shilling obituary
Justin Shilling will forever be a great reminder of a person full of empathy and love for everyone around him. (Source: Twitter)

They write in a letter that the death of Justin has left a gaping hole in their family.

They had never imagined that they would have to live without Justin, which is sadly their reality now.

Justin’s parents are also sending their condolences to the families of other victims who died in the mass shooting.

Additionally, they have asked the people of the Michigan community to ‘Keep the importance of what has been lost.’

Justin Shilling was a young individual who was full of potential.

Everyone around him had a lot of expectations of what he would become in the future.

people honoring Justin Shilling
Michigan locals remember the victims with respect and love for them. (Source: Twitter)

People close to him knew that he was a wonderful person full of empathy and love for others.

He ensured that he always lit up everyone’s day with his highly charming personality.

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In Loving Family Memory Of Justin Shilling And Fellow Ethan Crumbley Victims

Justin Shilling was a hard worker who believed in being independent even at a young age.

His parents mention in his obituary that Justin Shilling was a tireless worker with three jobs.

Likewise, he was a very aimful athlete who loved winning.

Justin Shilling was so selfless that he made a promise to donate his organs after his death.

victim Justin Shilling
All the four lost souls were so precious; their families are in a big loss and in a void that no one else can fill. (Source: Twitter)

One thing that cannot go unmentioned in the obituary of Justin Shilling is that the world needs more people like him.

Moreover, about 5000 people made their appearance in downtown Oxford to mourn the lives of Justin Shilling and the other three victims.

The bells keep ringing for four minutes to represent all four victims’ lives.

Meanwhile, through his obituary, Justin Shilling reminds us to live a life full of love and compassion so that even in our death, people can remember us with joy.

He did not deserve to die that young; he had his whole life ahead of him.

Nevertheless, Justin Shilling will be forever alive in the memories of his loved ones.

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