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Did Jynxzi Break Up With Girlfriend Kassie? Dating Timeline

Recently, a discussion related to the break up of Junxzi and his girlfriend Kassie has arised all over the internet. So let’s clear out.

Born on September 26, 2001, Nicholas Steward, AKA Junxzi is an American YouTuber and gamer. 

Currently residing in Florida, United States, Jynxzi is widely recognized for live-streaming the gameplay of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege. 

Meanwhile, he has successfully gained widespread attention with a subscriber base of over 2.25 million on his YouTube. 

Further, he often shares glimpses into his personal life through various daily vlogs.

Moreover, in the recent turn of events, the disappearance of his girlfriend Jynxzi from his videos has left fans with numerous questions. 

One of the major questions among their followers is whether are they still together or not.

Did Jynxzi Break Up With Girlfriend Kassie? What Happened To The Couple

The lives of social media personalities often catch the attention of people from all around the world.

And at this very moment, it’s the YouTuber Jynxzi who is talked about his breakup with his girlfriend Kassie. 

The news of the break up of Jynxzi and Kassie first started circulating after Kassie stopped appearing in Jynxzi’s live streams.

Jynxzi And Kassie captured in sitting in the bed.
Jynxzi and Kassie decided to part ways after more than a years of relationship. (Source: YouTube)

Following this, eventually, a video of Kassie on TikTok addressing a breakup also started to make it’s way to the internet.

This revelation further led to discussions all over the internet concerning their current relationship status.

Meanwhile, in the recent stream of Jynxzi, he address the viewers about his relationship with Kassie, sharing they are no longer together.

Jynxzi also explained the major reason behind their breakup to be the toxic social media users who started harassing Kassie after her appearance in the live stream.

Following this, the couple decided to take a short break and stopped sharing content involving both of them.

So, based on the available information, as of 2024, it does seem like the couple is no longer in a relationship.

Jynxzi and Cassie captured wearing a black and white t-shirt respectively.
Jynxzi and Cassie are now focused on their own career. (Source: YouTube)

However, many people argued the couple was faking their break up to gather attention from the public. 

Although, it is not sure if the couple is really doing it for attention or is truly going through a breakup. 

Nevertheless, it is better to not enslave them with false acquisitions as they have already shared they decided to break up due to the unhealthy fame. 

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Jynxzi And Kassie’s Relationship Timeline Explained

The beloved content creators, Jynxzi and Kassie initially met through the video game.

Further, they soon started appearing together in the live stream and videos of Jynxzi on his YouTube channel.

Within few months of their encounter, the couple soon started dating.

Jynxzi and Kassie captured playing game.
Jynxzi and Kassie used to appear together in Jynxzy’s live stream all the time. (Source: YouTube)

However, they didn’t share anything about being in a relationship unless Kassie confirmed it on November 19, 2023. 

Kassie took it to her TikTok and shared about her relationship with Junxzi declaring, Jynxzi and Kassie are finally together.

Despite the announcement, the couple continued to maintain privacy in their relationship and rarely shared about it in public. 

Meanwhile, their relationship turned out as a major topic on different social media platforms including TikTok and YouTube.

However, the couple decided to part ways after facing challenges in their personal and professional lives.

Jynxzi and Kassie mutually decided to break up after not being able to balance social media their personal life. 

This disclosure of their break up left fans in shock as they seem adorable together and didn’t shared anything about letting go of each other.

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