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Kahara Hodges Parents: Meet Mother Petra And Father

Following Kahara Hodges’s impressive performance, people have expressed interest in learning about the actress’s life. This includes details about the parents of Kahara Hodges.

The renowned American vocalist Kahara Hodges gained fame by singing the Navajo anthem for the ASU volleyball game in 2013.

Moreover, she is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, excelling as a vocalist, model, dancer, and media personality.

In addition to her singing prowess, Kahara is a prominent model. 

She also garnered attention as the partner of a renowned Alaska Native actor and Tlingit model, Martin Sensmeier.

Nevertheless, credited to the absence of a dedicated Wikipedia page, the curiosity surrounding Kahara Hodges has led to a surge in searches for details about her background.

People eagerly await information about her early life and are particularly keen to learn about the parents of Kahara Hodges.

Who Are The Parents Of Kahara Hodges?

Despite being a famous American vocalist, Kahara Hodges has not yet been featured on a Wikipedia page.

This has left many admirers disappointed and eager to learn more about her personal life.

Born on September 30, 1995, in Arizona, United States, Kahara Hodges is the proud daughter of her lovely parents.

She was born to her mother, Petra Reyes. However, her father’s identity remains undisclosed.

Kahara Hodges and her mother in dessert
Kahara got her good looks from her mama. (Source: Facebook)

Meanwhile, growing up with her sister, Zoey Hodges (aka Zo), who is also a model, Kahara values her family deeply.

Also, Kahara Hodges, with Navajo, Mexican, and African ethnic backgrounds, cherishes her upbringing in the United States.

Likewise, she holds American nationality despite her diverse heritage.

However, she is discreet about her parents and siblings in the media, preferring to keep her personal life private.

Also, Kahara has not disclosed much about her relationship with her father. But we can see shared glimpses of her memories with her mother.

Mother hodges and daughter looking in camera and smiling
The model has not stated much about her parents. (Source: Instagram)

The source of her beauty becomes apparent when observing her youthful and confident mother, Petra Reyes.

Petra, despite being the mother of a 28-year-old daughter, appears remarkably young.

Nonetheless, as Kahara continues to navigate her professional and personal life, she maintains a level of privacy that adds to the intrigue surrounding her.

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Kahara Hodges Husband, Children: How Many Kids Does She Have?

In addition to her parents, people have been curious about the details of the husband of Kahara Hodges and her children.

Kahara Hodges has been in a long-term relationship with actor Martin Sensmeier since 2016. Moreover, they have celebrated their fourth anniversary on July 3, 2020.

So, as of 2023, Kahara and Martin have been together for around seven years.

The couple mostlysane hodges are hugging each other
The couple has been in a relationship for seven years. (Source: Instagram)

Martin Sensmeier, a well-known American actor, is best recognized for his role as Red Harvest in the 2016 film The Magnificent Seven.

Meanwhile, Kahara and Martin reportedly met before the premiere of Martin’s movie, creating a connection that has blossomed over the years.

In September 2020, Martin proposed to Kahara on the beach in Yakutat, Alaska, and she shared the exciting engagement news on Instagram.

However, despite the seven years of commitment, whether the couple is married remains unclear, leaving fans to speculate.

Moving on through the journey, the couple welcomed their first child, a son, in April 2020.

Likewise, in 2022, they became parents to their second child.

Kahara Hogdes family in cloudy weather and the couple kissing each other carrying two child
Kahara wished her boyfriend a Happy Birthday (Source: Instagram)

However, to maintain their privacy, Kahara has not revealed her children’s names in the media.

While Kahara shares many family memories on social media, particularly on Instagram, she remains cautious about keeping her family life private.

Nevertheless, it seems the couple enjoy their time together and are happy.

This can be concluded by their appearance in 2023. Fans adored Kahara as she starred alongside Martin in the drama Frybread Face and Me as Aunt Lucy.

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