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Jason Momoa as Kaido in One Piece Live Action? That Is Wild!

With One Piece’s success and the second season’s confirmation, fans speculate if Jason Momoa will best suit the live-action Kaido.

Hailing from Honolulu, Hawaii, Jason Momoa was born on August 1, 1979.

He made his acting debut as Jason Ioane on the action drama series Baywatch: Hawaii. Since then, Jason has worked in Stargate Atlantis, Game of Thrones, Frontier, and See.

Further, he is popular for his roles in Aquaman, Dune, and Fast X.

Jason has amassed numerous awards for his acting and performance on the screen.

Currently, the internet is abuzz, stating that Jason Momoa is the perfect cast for Kaido for the later parts of the Netflix show One Piece.

Jason Momoa as Live Action Kaido: That Would be Wild!

There have been numerous theories regarding who could portray Kaido of the Beasts in the Netflix series One Piece.

Kaido, renowned as the world’s Strongest Creature, is the governor-general of the Beasts Pirates in the One Piece universe.

Similarly, he was formerly one of the Four Emperors that ruled over the New World.

The character has a strong physical appearance with bulk muscles and an extreme height of 710 cm.

Further, fans have proposed that Jason is best cast for the live-action Kaido due to his build.

Jason Momoa looks fantastic during the premier of James Bond movie. Will he play Kaido Live Action?
Jason has the perfect looks for live-action Kaido (Source: Instagram)

Considered a diligent actor, Jason’s even got the voice to play the merciless character.

On the contrary, some fans have proposed other actors who they prefer to see as Kaido in the live action.

Danny Trejo, among many, is considered another option, but fans are worried about him being too old for the character.

Similarly, Dwayne Johnson, known as the Rock, is also a favorite alternative among viewers.

People also know him for his physique and strong appearance, which is suitable for Kaido.

Further, many suggestions mention the WWE wrestler Roman Reigns fits the casting for the general of the Beasts Pirates.

These actors could surely carry the character of Kaido and bring him to life in the live-action series.

Despite all the speculations, the story of One Piece Live Action has not reached the point for Kaido’s introduction.

The last episode of the series, “Worst in the East,” only sums up Luffy’s first saga in the Grand Line.

Moreover, the series roughly covers only the first 95 chapters of the manga’s story.

Kaido was introduced in chapter 795 in the One Piece manga, which is far from the live-action adaptation.

Kaido Of The Beasts: Appearance and Personality

Introduced as a merciless and aggressive warrior, Kaido never misses a chance to gain an advantage in war.

He has a huge build, making normal people seem like dwarfs in front of him.

Further, Kaido also has a massive pair of grey-white pointed horns coming out from the sides of his head.

He also bears a huge X-shape scar on his abs, given to him by Kozuki Oden, and a tattoo that runs down the front of his left arm.

Kaido has a huge build with tattoo on his left arm and a scar on his chest
Kaido perfectly fits the name The King of the Beasts (Source: Twitter)

In addition, Kaido is a complex character who mostly shows unconcern about most things in the world.

He always looks grumpy with little pleasure in his life and is constantly frowning.

Further, Kaido has shared his view on death in the manga,

It may not be the way of times anymore…but death is what truly completes a person

Despite his huge size, Kaido is extremely fast in combat and can move from one spot to another instantly.

He also has the power of Uo Uo no mi, Model: Seiryu fruit, which allows him to transform into a full dragon and a human-dragon hybrid.

Moreover, Kaido is one of the few people who can use all three forms of Haki, which are Haoshoku, Busoshoku, and Kenbunshoku Haki.

Kaido sees Luffy as his enemy, and their fight is one of the best the fans have seen in the series over the year.

And now viewers are eagerly waiting to see the actor bring Kaido to life in the coming seasons.

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