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Kaitlin Armstrong Wikipedia, Age: Murder Case Of Moriah Wilson

With the recent news of Kaitlin Armstrong being sentenced to 90 years in prison by the court, netizens are actively seeking detailed information about her and the case of Moriah Wilson on Wikipedia.

Kaitlin Armstrong was born on November 21, 1987. She used to be a yoga instructor and realtor in Austin, Texas.

She has lately been in the news over a horrific crime. Authorities sentenced Kaitlin to 90 years in prison for killing professional cyclist Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson.

The investigation by the police involved interviewing Kaitlin’s friend, Marie. Kaitlin ran to Costa Rica to avoid being caught by the police.

Tragic case sparks community shock, raising critical queries on mental health, parental duty, and justice system shortcomings.

Thus, all eyes turn to Kaitlin Armstrong for such a devastating situation, and people are actively searching for her on Wikipedia.

Kaitlin Armstrong Wikipedia: Age, Family, And Early Life

The number of people searching for the Wikipedia page of Kaitlin Armstrong is growing excessively, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t exist.

So, the following article aims to provide you with all the information found in the Wikipedia of Kaitlin Armstrong.

Kaitlin Armstrong is currently 35, and her birth location is Michigan.

Her father’s name is Mike Armstrong, and her mom’s name is Sharon Armstrong.

Kaitlin Armstrong cycling
They initially set Kaitlin Armstrong’s trial date for October but later pushed it back to a later date. (Source: CBS News)

Kaitlin went to Stevenson High School with her sister, where she was bright in sports activities.

2005 marked the completion of her high school program, after which she joined Schoolcraft College for studies.

Additionally, she enrolled at Eastern Michigan University later in life, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Meanwhile, Kaitlin’s sports-loving family upbringing instilled a passion for various physical activities at an early age.

So, embracing her love for fitness, she became a yoga trainer.

She also operated a real estate company where she helped people locate homes or sell their lands.

At the same time, Kaitlin’s personal life increased in complexity, including herself in a rather tense relationship of a romantic nature with professional cyclist Colin Strickland.

Kaitlin Armstrong in jail
Kaitlin Armstrong significantly changed her appearance, including a nose job and a different hair color. (Source: ABC News)

Moreover, Colin Strickland and Kaitlin had been in their relationship for over three years and split in October 2021.

Meanwhile, Colin dated Anna Moriah Wilson during their separation, which later became the primary cause of tension between him and Kaitlin.

Nevertheless, Colin and Kaitlin eventually made up, and again they returned to their relationship.

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Murder Case Of Moriah Wilson: Where Is Kaitlin Armstrong Now? 

Kaitlin Armstrong caught up in a murder case concerning the demise of expert bicycle owner Moriah Wilson.

Someone shot and killed Moriah Wilson on May 11, 2022, in Austin, Texas.

After a thorough investigation, authorities found Kaitlin, a former yoga trainer, guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced her to ninety years in prison.

The case received interest because of the complex courting amongst Kaitlin, Wilson, and Kaitlin’s on-and-off boyfriend, professional motorcycle proprietor Colin Strickland.

Wilson became briefly worried about Colin still courting Kaitlin.

On the other hand, evidence presented throughout the trial counseled that Kaitlin was tracking Wilson’s whereabouts through a health app and had been monitoring her sports on social media.

Kaitlin Armstrong looking down
Authorities apprehended Kaitlin Armstrong at a hostel in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, after she used a false passport to fly there. (Source: Cycling News)

Moreover, it revealed that Kaitlin expressed anger over Colin’s continued friendship with Wilson.

Likewise, after Wilson’s homicide, Kaitlin initially eluded police custody, but authorities later apprehended her in Costa Rica.

She even changed her look and used a fraudulent passport to evade seizure.

During the trial, Kaitlin’s friend testified about Kaitlin’s hostility towards Wilson and her alleged intentions to damage all people involved in Colin’s romantic life.

Nevertheless, after 2-hours of deliberation, the Jury found Kaitlin responsible for first-degree murder.

She will be staying in prison for over 90 years. However, a new revelation is coming as it seems Kaitlin Armstrong was pregnant at the time of the arrest.

So, the case might take a new turn in the upcoming days if the pregnancy news turns out true.

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