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Is Kamila Valieva Muslim? Religion & Ethnicity Of Russian Skater

While news of her Olympic suspension is making global headlines, the curiosity of people has heightened about the personal life and religious beliefs of Kamila Valieva, specifically whether she is Muslim.

Born on April 26, 2006, Kamila Valeryevna Valieva is a Russian figure skater who recently won the European championship.

Since a young age, Valieva has immersed herself in the sport as the world record holder for the women’s short program.

Further, she has set eight global records as the first female skater to break the 250-, 260-, and 270 points within one season.

With great talent and hard work, Valieva is the second woman to land the quadruple toe loop in figure skating.

However, her recent doping case has stripped Valieva of her Olympic Beijing titles and medals.

Amidst such unfortunate news, people want to have a peek inside the background of Kamila Valieva as they wonder if she is Muslim.

Is Kamila Valieva Muslim? Religion Ethnicity Of Russian Skaters

The speculations of Kamila Valieva being Muslim by religion began after people noticed she comes from Russia.

As the country houses the most significant number of Islams among European nations, people thought Kamila Valieva had roots in the Muslim religion.

However, it was revealed that Kamila Valieva is not Muslim, as she grew up following Orthodox Christianity.

Kamila Valieva on her 18th birthday.
Valieva’s titles and awards have been stripped due to doping. (Source: Instagram)

Further, the skater prefers to keep her religious beliefs away from her professional career.

Growing up, Valieva was constantly backed up by her supportive parents, who encouraged her skating dream.

After drawing inspiration from Nathan Chen, the now-18-year-old enrolled in gymnastics, ballet, and figure skating classes.

Moreover, her parents moved her to Moscow to train at SSHOR Moskvich, where she entered several state-level competitions.

Before her international debut, recordings of Valieva’s short program inspired by Pablo Picasso’s painting received worldwide attention.

Coming from a mixed ethnic background of Tatar descent, the young skater has made her hometown proud.

Later, Valieva entered the Junior Grand Prix, achieving the fourth-highest total score by a ladies’ single skater at the junior level.

Kamila Valieva smiling with an award
Valieva was the youngest skater to land a quadruple toe loop. (Source: Instagram)

Her milestones don’t end there; she earned the selection as the Russian entry in the women’s segment of the Olympic team.

Despite the team’s win in the event, investigations were ongoing for allegations concerning possible doping.

This endangered the young skater’s career as scandals and speculations surrounded her.

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Kamila Valieva’s Four-Year Ban For Doping: Stripped For Her Titles

During the Beijing Games, the IOC decided to withhold the presentation of any medal until they resolved Kamila Valieva’s case.

Several news outlets reported that Valieva tested positive for the banned substance used for chest pains.

Furthermore, the Doping Control Laboratory analyzed the skater’s sample, and the results were available one day after the team event.

Shortly after, authorities issued Valieva a provisional suspension following her positive results.

Kamila Valieva during her performance
Valieva’s win has been transferred to the US team. (Source: Instagram)

During the court trials, her mother testified that the young skater took Hypoxen tablets for heart variations.

Later, Valieva argued that she mixed up her medications with her granddad’s medicine, leading to the alteration of the statement.

As the case proceeded, evidence backed up the fact that she used the substance to increase endurance and reduce fatigue.

The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine also limited her exposure to new competitions and titles.

Valieva has support from her lawyers and family, who defended her as a minor in the doping case.

Furthermore, they argued that she could still be warned about her positive results.

Kamila in a blue dress
Valieva started her career as a junior skater. (Source: Instagram)

The delay in the Olympic medals presentation occurred because of the widely criticized Valieva case, which lacked transparency.

Recently, the court put a four-year ban on Valieva and announced that the medals would go to team United States.

The authorities have stripped the figure skater of all her prizes, results, and awards dating back to her testing in 2021.

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