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Katalin Novák Health Condition: Does She Has Disease Or Illness?

The recent resignation of Katalin Novák from the presidency has garnered significant media attention, eventually questioning her health and whether she has any disease or illness. So, what’s the truth?

At 44, Novák, a member of the ruling Fidesz party, made history by getting elected as president in March 2022.

However, amid a controversy surrounding the release of József Szájer, a former Fidesz politician jailed for actions related to a pedophilia case, she could not complete her term.

Novák confessed that she had gone wrong by pardoning Szájer and also apologized for causing pain.

This shows that opposition to Viktor Orbán’s autocratic government increased, leading to her downfall.

It is worth noting that matters about high-ranking politicians should be addressed, with some responsibility being considered.

Despite that, many people are speculating that the reason for the resignation of Katalin Novák is due to her health condition.

Let’s delve deeply into the health condition of Katalin Novák and find out the truth through this article.

Katalin Novák Health Condition: Does Politician Has Disease Or Illness?

In her TV exit message, Katalin Novák did not mention her health as the reason for her resignation.

She would have been able to serve as president until 2032, having only recently turned 44.

No reports indicate that Katalin Novák had any health challenges at the time of her resignation or the day after that.

Her address came off as sorrowful yet focused, and she did not show any physical signs of ill health.

Katalin Novák delivering a speech.
Katalin Novák started her political career 2001 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (source: views)

Novák studied economics and law at Hungarian universities before entering politics.

She began working for the Foreign Ministry in 2001 and was elected to parliament in 2018.

Considering her background and young age, it seems that Novák is healthy.

The presidency of Hungary is mostly a ceremonial position where one does little physically demanding work.

However, while speaking about Katalin’s recent illness state, which cannot be verified yet, only one topic appeared: a political scandal related to the controversial pardon.

She mentioned directly that she planned to resign to avoid further damage to the presidential institution.

It looks like political reasons triggered Novak’s early quitting rather than medical conditions or diseases.

Faced with fierce condemnation over an apparent abuse of power, she had little choice but to quit for the sake of this nation’s well-being.

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Reasons Behind The Resignation Of The Politician Katalin Novák

Novák’s resignation immediately responded to the criticism surrounding her pardon of József Szájer.

The shocking news came after Szájer had been jailed for offenses connected with a child sex affair.

Szájer is one of the founders of the Fidesz political party. He quit his membership in the European Parliament during the 2020 session.

Katalin Novák's picture of smiling at the office.
Katalin Novák has 129.4k Followers on Twitter. (source: Twitter)

This occurred after he was arrested while filming a gay orgy that had been interrupted by police.

In December 2022, Novák erased his criminal history through her controversial pardon.

Fidesz’s move towards pardoning Szájer was seen as contradictory to its vigorous campaign against pedophilia and family protection.

Thousands protested on the streets of Budapest against possible abuses of power by Novák.

She admitted to mishandling her office during her resignation speech and conceded terrible judgment.

Besides Judit Varga, who proposed Szájer’s clemency, resigning paved the way for Katalin Novák’s withdrawal from Minister of Justice.

This scandal indicates how even those inside her administration had lost faith in her.

This act caused political and moral outrage, making it no longer impossible for the president to lead.

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