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Meet Ginny & Georgia Actress Katie Douglas Sister Sarah Douglas: Family Details

In addition to the exposure that Katie Douglas is gaining from Ginny & Georgia, her family has also become the talk of the town, starting with her sister.

Katie Douglas, born in 1998 in Burlington, Ontario, is a versatile Canadian actress who began acting at six by appearing in various TV series like Flashpoint and Alphas.

She attended Nelson High School in Burlington and completed her education with a traveling tutor.

While studying, the actress landed on major projects like Spooksville and SYFy, which even led her to earn the “Outstanding Performer in a Children’s Series” award.

Afterward, Katie got the lead roles in major series like Mary Kills People, Pretty Hard Cases, Believe Me, and Ginny & Georgia.

So, rising to success at such a young makes it evident that fans want to know about Katie Douglas and her family, with the highest interest being in her sister.

Who is Katie Douglas Sister, Sarah Douglas?

Sarah Douglas, is the sister of the famous actress Katie Douglas. The sister seems to be away from the limelight of the glamour business as there is no public information on her.

However, Sarah does have an Instagram account through which we can assume her to be an artistic person.

She seems to have abstract and artistic thoughts.

Furthermore, Sarah also displays her adventurous side on her Instagram profile as her posts are mostly related to spending time with her friends.

Katie Douglas sister Sarah Douglas
Katie and Sarah are on a beach together, taking pictures. (Source: Instagram)

She displays her outspoken and rebellious side through her Instagram posts.

With her artistic posts, she has amassed 3.7k followers on her Instagram.

Meanwhile, she hasn’t mentioned Katie in any of her posts. This demonstrates her desire to be independent of her famous sister.

Unfortunately, Sarah only has a verified account on Instagram and no other social media accounts.

Thus, fans hoping to learn more about the sister of Katie Douglas may feel a little down.

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Who Are The Parents Of Actress Katie Douglas? Family Details

Although there are few known details regarding Katie’s background, it is known that her mother, Jayce, is running the family’s winery business.

The name of the winery that Katie’s mother operates is Ridge Road Estates Winery, which is located on 60 acres of land.

Currently, her mother is completely devoting her time to the winery.

Katie Douglas Mother
Katie posted a picture of her mother Jayce, on her Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, Ken Douglas was her father, who had an unfortunate death because of pancreatic cancer.

According to the information found on Newstars, her father, Ken, reportedly studied viticulture and oenology at the University of Guelph.

Before producing their wine, the pair used to grow grapes to understand more about the potential of the soil.

Furthermore, Katie’s mother, Jayce, formerly worked as a social worker and interior designer.

Jayce always supported her children, and it was she who enrolled her children in Burlington, Ontario’s Great Big Theatre Company.

Even Katie recalls in interviews how her mother was always sympathetic and allowed her to pursue her interests, even if they involved taking chances.

As for the Douglas family, Katie has two twin brothers apart from her younger sister.

Katie Douglas Father and Brother
Katie wished her twin brothers a happy birthday with an edited picture of the twins and their father. (Source: Instagram)

The two brothers, Michael Douglas and Matt Douglas, are not very public, much like Sarah Douglas.

So, the brothers’ whereabouts are currently unknown as both are inactive on social media. However, they do have Instagram accounts.

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