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Kaylin Gillis Parents: Father Andrew And Mother Angelique

As the murder case of Kaylin Gillis comes to a close, people have been intrigued about her early life including her parents and background. Let’s get to know them further in this article!

The case of Kaylin Gillis has left the nation speechless as she was shot for driving onto the wrong driveway.

She and her friends were looking for a party house when their vehicle mistakenly pulled into the home of Kevin D. Monahan.

Further, the landlord started open firing using a shotgun where Kaylin was stuck in the neck.

As they were in a rural area, the group was unable to get mobile reception which led to the untimely death of the 20-year-old.

Soon, the incident made headlines as authorities took Monahan into federal custody on charges of murder.

Now people are curious to learn more about the case including details about the parents of Kaylin Gillis and her upbringing.

Kaylin Gillis Parents: Father Andrew And Mother Angelique

Due to the case’s sensitivity, the parents of Kaylin Gillis initially maintained their silence.

Later court documents revealed that Kaylin Gillis grew up in Schuylerville, New York with her parents, Andrew and Angelique.

Further, Andrew is a retired Washinton County Sherrif’s Office officer and currently works as a digital creator.

Kaylin parents on New Year's party
Kaylin’s parents describe the loss as unimaginable pain. (Source: Facebook)

Meanwhile, Kaylin’s mother works as a waitress and bartender at The Merc in Florida.

Growing up, her parents raised the 20-year-old alongside her sisters, Liliana and Madilyn Gillis.

Looking back at Kaylin’s life, she graduated from Schuylerville High School with a passion for art.

Moreover, she drew both animated and real-life creatures and was an avid enjoyer of Disney movies.

Along with that, Kaylin also had plans to start college in Florida to become a marine biologist.

However, Kaylin’s dreams were cut short when she encountered the wrong house in Washington County.

Shortly after her death, her parents expressed their grief through their social platforms and started the JusticeForKaylin campaign.

Kaylin Gillis with her father in graduation day
Kaylin’s father often shares her childhood pictures. (Source: Facebook)

Additionally, Angelique described her daughter as a beautiful soul whose death was an indescribable loss for the family.

After the convict’s arrest, the parents of Kaylin Gillis appeared in court for her defense statement.

Similarly, authorities held the shooter at Washington County Facility, where Kaylin’s father was a correctional officer.

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Sentence For Kaylin Gillis’s Killer: Where Is Monahan Now?

After attacking Kaylin Gillis and her friends, Kevin D. Monahan initially refused to surrender to the police officers.

During an hour-long standoff, he was on the phone with his attorney and police dispatcher before eventually surrendering.

Further, Monahan pleaded that he was in bed at the time of the incident and that some mountain hunter was responsible for the shooting.

Kaylin Gillis with her boyfriend
Kaylin died due to the absence of quick medical treatment. (Source: Facebook)

Meanwhile, his neighbors testified against the killer and described him as a hostile person.

Before the shooting, the authorities had charged Monahan with aggravated assault in Vermont.

Shortly after investigations into Kaylin’s murder, authorities denied bail to the shooter and placed him in pretrial detention.

Additionally, the court issued charges of tampering with evidence and reckless endangerment.

The court postponed his trial dates a few times for further investigations, but eventually, they found him guilty of second-degree murder.

Currently, Monahan is waiting for his sentencing, scheduled for March 1, 2024.

Kaylin taking a selfie
Kaylin wanted to pursue college and study marine biology. (Source: Facebook)

Moreover, the legal system is bound to impose a sentence of 25 years to life in prison for him, given the horrifying crimes he committed.

After the court’s decision, Kaylin’s family wrote a public statement,

While we would trade anything to bring Kaylin back, this was the best possible outcome short of her still being here with us. KAYLIN GOT HER JUSTICE. Much love to all!

Regardless, this case has also brought the attention of many to gun ownership and protection laws.

Moreover, people hope that the state takes necessary measures to minimize the loss of young lives like Kaylin.

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