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Kelly Balthazar Wikipedia: Fans Call Her The Female Elliot Roger!

With an ongoing uncertain discussion on social media about the identity change of Kelly Balthazar, people globally have started searching for her Wikipedia for further details. 

Kelly Balthazar is a former student of Georgetown University, Washington. D.C.

She gained prominent attention from the media after her arrest in November 2018 for possession of marijuana.

Kelly is also known for her short-term career in the adult film industry. Moreover, her life has been marked by a series of controversies, including the allegation of drug use. 

Following her arrest, her name turned out to be a significant topic of discussion all across social media platforms. 

And with the ongoing discussions, many started wondering about the personal life of Kelly Balthazar, shifting attention toward her Wikipedia. 

Kelly Balthazar Wikipedia: Family And Education

Despite the increasing popularity of Kelly Balthazar, Wikipedia is far away from dedicating her a page on their website. 

However, the following article will provide details about her that are relevant to a Wikipedia article. 

Kelly Balthazar was reportedly born on June 19, 1992, with the name Kelly Jiayi Wang. In that case, she is currently 32 years old. 

Kelly Wong captured in front of her painting.
Kelly Wong has had a passion for art since her childhood. (Source: jiayiwanginkart)

She is the daughter of Kevin Balthazar and Karen Y Wang. Her father, Kevin, who unfortunately passed away in 2020, was the vice president of Goldman Sachs.

Besides this, further details about her family are not widely available online. 

However, it is known that she grew up in a well-built and sound family, and this is probably why Kelly lost track of her life at a very young age.

While studying in high school, Kelly got involved in drug abuse and was expelled.

Later, during her first year at Georgetown University, she eventually got arrested for Marijuana possession along with three other people. 

Indeed, Kelly’s early life unfolds from a stable family background to a different path marked by drug use and legal issues. 

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Details On Kelly’s Arrest And The Aftermath

Back around 2010, police detained Georgetown University student Kelly Balthazar on drug charges.

The authorities accused her of possessing marijuana with the intent of distributing it to fellow students of Georgetown.

Kelly Blathazar captured holding a heart shaped cookie.
Kelly Balthazar reportedly has changed her identity. (Source: Twitter)

The university police caught her in her dorm room with 17 grams of marijuana and several other drug paraphernalia. 

However, the court granted her bail after agreeing to a deferred prosecution agreement during the hearing. 

The prosecution ordered her to conduct community service and avoid further arrests in the future. 

Following this deal, the district court dropped all the charges against Kelly and released her immediately. 

Moreover, as her arrest news made its way to media and various social media platforms, it soon became a topic of interest for people, resulting in worldwide debate.

Following the arrest, many people also named her the female Elliott Roger. 

However, the comparison between Elliot and Kelly doesn’t make any sense, as Kelly didn’t harm anyone but herself. 

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Where Is Kelly Balthazar Now? 2024 Update!

According to some sources, as of 2024, Kelly Balthazar has changed her name to Kelly Wang.

If that’s true, then Kelly is now an established artist. She is gaining popularity for her contemporary and pre-modern materials and painting approaches. 

Kelly wang captured wearing a grey dress.
Kelly Balthazar reportedly holds a new identity as a renowned artist, Kelly Wang. (Source: Princeton)

Numerous key galleries and museums have featured her artworks, including Alisan Fine Arts.

Meanwhile, ArtDaily and CAFA have also featured Kelly for her noteworthy art contributions in their articles.

Additionally, Princeton University holds a collection of her work and exhibits it from time to time.

However, no official statements or news regarding the identity change of Kelly has made its way to the public. 

Nevertheless, the news of her changed identity may or may not be accurate, but the facts suggest both the person and the same person. 

And let’s hope Wikipedia will soon recognize the contributions of Kelly Balthazar to the art world and feature her on their website. 

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