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Kelly Ripa Weight Loss Journey: Diet & Workout Routine

Kelly Ripa, famous for a well-toned body and rigorous workout routines, the search for her weight loss journey has significantly increased in recent days. So, what’s inside her weight loss journey? Let’s find that out!

Kelly Maria Ripa, aka Kelly Ripa, is a highly acknowledged American actress and talk show host. 

She is widely recognized for being the co-host of the popular morning talk show Live! with Kelly and Mark.

As an actress, Ripa has won the hearts of millions through her fabulous performances and earned six Daytime Emmy Awards. 

However, her workout schedule is most popular among her well-wishers.

That’s why the number of people asking about Kelly Ripa weight loss journey has significantly increased on the internet. 

Kelly Ripa Weight Loss Journey: A Secret Behind Her Great Shape!

Having worked in Live! with Kelly and Mark since 2001, Kelly is always seen with a bright and lustrous smile.

Her energy in the show is immaculate, making people think about how she stays in such great shape. 

Well, the actress was not always like this. Just like any other celebrity, Kelly Ripa went through the weight loss. 

Being a mother of three, Kelly has undergone some serious changes in her body as a normal mother. 

Kelly Ripa flaunting her toned body
Kelly Ripa underwent extensive weight loss to keep her body in perfect shape. (Source: Instagram)

However, despite all this, she made a dedicated effort to care for her body.

After turning 45, she noticed that her body became sensitive, and everything impacted her more. 

Thus, since then, the host prioritized her well-being.

Along with doing different exercises, she prioritized other important things such as having nutritional supplements, drinking enough water, and maintaining food according to nutrition. 

Today, despite being in her early 50s, Kelly still appears active and full of energy to be in our living room early in the morning.

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The Diet & Workout Routine Of The Host Kelly

Kelly Ripa is healthy with her strict diet and workout routine. In her daily food, she tries to omit junk food.

And she has been following the same routine for more than 13 years. In addition, she is quite candid about her alkaline diet as well.

While an alkaline diet does not demand the person to skip meals or be a picky eater, it promotes foods that work to keep your pH levels low. 

Following the alkaline diet since 2015, Kelly eats foods that are low in acids.

But Kelly is not a picky eater as she loves carbs and often finds herself having the burger bun.

Kelly Ripa exercising with her trainer
Kelly Ripa is popular among her fans for her daily exercise routines. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, she is a huge fan of Bulletproof coffee. She loves having the darkest roast coffee first thing in the morning.

However, if Kelly Ripa is in a weight loss process, she always goes with the all-carbohydrate diet, which restricts her from having all-liquid food items. 

Further, diet is not the only thing that makes the host fit. Every day, Kelly does her routine exercise.

Her exercises are a mixture of yoga, pilates, and dance.

Kelly Ripa posing wearing a sweatshirt
Kelly Ripa is famous for being the host for more than two decades. (Source: Instagram)

Kelly loves to dance, so she incorporates dance cardio, functional training, circuit training, and other core work in her exercise. 

The stretch schedule has done wonders for Kelly. When tested, she revealed her biological age.

It showed her the physical health of a 35-year-old, which is truly inspiring. 

Additionally, the popular actress often shares glimpses of her exercises with her fans through her social media handle. 

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