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Kenny DeForest Wikipedia: Comedian Met Death After Accident

With the recent news of the death of American comedian Kenny DeForest, people globally have started getting curious about his personal life, searching for his Wikipedia page to learn more about him.

Kenny DeForest was an American stand-up comedian, mostly known for his humorous content on stage.

He used to be featured in different shows, including Late Night with Seth Meyers, The Late Show with James Corden, and HBO’s Crashing. 

Further, he was also the former producer and co-host of Comedy at the Knitting Factory, widely known as one of the best independent shows.

Unfortunately, with his uncertain death, people have started to search for the Wikipedia page of Kenny Deforest to know more about the comedian’s private life.

Kenny DeForest Wikipedia: The Journey Of Recovery To Unfortunate Death

Despite being a well-known figure in the American comic industry, Kenny Deforest doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia page.

Following the sad news of no Wikipedia, another unfortunate event hit the comedian Kenny DeForest on December 8th, when he met an accident on his motorbike.

With the severe impact caused, Kenny needed immediate neurological surgery at Kings County Hospital.

The surgery was supposed to remove a piece of his skull and relieve pressure from a brain bleed.

Kenny Deforest during holding a mic with his one had in the air during his show.
After being hit by a vehicle near his residence, Kenny was immediately sent to the hospital (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the impact had left Kenny in deep medical care.

The accident not only disrupted his life but also his fans and well-wishers who were concerned about his health condition.

Following the incident, his friend initiated a GoFundMe campaign to help manage Kenny’s medical expenses and aid in his recovery.

The campaign gathered tremendous support from worldwide people coming forward to contribute.

Also, his condition was improving each day after he underwent neurological surgery at Kings County Hospital.

Looking at his recovery, everyone thought he would recover very soon.

Unfortunately, on December 13th, Wednesday, the news of Kenny DeForest’s death shocked everyone.

Kenny DeForest looks like he got hit in his eye.
Kenny died at the age of 37, leaving everyone in shock. (Source: Instagram)

The news broke out from his friend Ryan Beck via GoFundMe, which he set up to help with Kenny’s medical expenses.

Moreover, the comedian’s final moment included his favorite song and childhood memories.

Further, the fundraiser campaign revealed that Kenny would be an organ donor.

The friend said, “Even in death, he will continue to make meaningful improvements in the lives of others.”

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Career Of Kenny DeForest In The Comedy Industry

Growing up in Springfield, Kenny DeForest dreamed of becoming a professional basketball player.

He attended Kickapop High School and later Drury University in his hometown, where he played basketball.

Meanwhile, Kenny always considered Comedy a second dream, which ultimately became his career.

Kenny DeForest hit the career stride in 2015 when Comedy Central named him one of the Funniest People to Watch.

Kenny DeForest smiling while sitting on a wall.
Kenny always dreamed of being a professional basketball player during his childhood. (Source: Instagram)

Further, joking in his August comedy special, he said he could only make a career in Comedy because playing in the NBA didn’t pan out.

He also shared that he knew he wanted to become a comedian at one of his basketball games.

At the moment, Kenny, a senior in high school, had the task of guarding Tyler Hansbrough, a future NBA player.

Moreover, he told the audience that he may technically have lost that day but thinks “we all won.”

Likewise, Kenny says there was a specific moment in that game when he became a comedian.

It was the moment when he threw the ball to Hansbrough, knowing that he was about to dunk on him from experience.

Kenny sleeping in his father's arms when he was a kid.
Kenny’s family and friends were by his side during his last moments. (Source: Instagram)

Hansbrough got through him and made it so they were both dunking. 

At that time, he had a moment of clarity after the ball hit the rim, his head, and finally, the stand.

Thus, eventually, he started his career in the comedy industry.

Nevertheless, let’s hope to see a well-dedicated Wikipedia page of Kenny Deforest shortly.

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