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Kevin Boyle Health Condition After Drunk Case: Is US Rep Good?

The viral video of U.S. Rep Kevin Boyle showing him drunk at a bar has garnered strong interest, causing massive distortion on the Internet and also leading netizens to worry about his health.

Kevin Boyle is an American politician serving as a Pennsylvania House of Representatives member.

He is the current minority Chairman of the P.A. House State Government Committee.

Likewise, Kevin is also the state Representative from Pennsylvania House District 172, which covers parts of Northeast Philadelphia.

U.S. Rep Kevin won the position in November 2010, defeating a 32-year incumbent.

In addition to his political career, he is also identified as the brother of U.S. Rep. Brendan F. Boyle.

Besides all his political history and family background, Kevin is currently in the headlines for his drunk video.

With this, many of the well-wishers of the U.S. Rep Kevin Boyle have shown concern over his health and asked if he is in good condition.

Kevin Boyle Health Condition After Drunk Case: Is U.S. Rep Good?

In the video, Kevin Boyle was observed using profanity and making threats while intoxicated within a bar in Montgomery County.

Post the incident, there has been a rapid internet surge in the health condition of Kevin Boyle. So, how is he now?

According to officials, the health condition of U.S. Rep Kevin Boyle hangs in the balance.

But, he has yet to address his viral video publicly, and as per authentic sources, he is seeking help for whatever happened. 

Moving on to his viral video, it shows a man identified as U.S. Rep. Kevin Boyle delivering an expletive-laden rant in a bar.

The three-minute-long footage captures him angrily berating and yelling at bar staff and patrons for his removal.

The viral video revealing Kevin drunk and threatening the bar employees.
Kevin Boyle is a Democrat who represents parts of Philadelphia. (Source: Reddit)

Furthermore, he even threatened to stop the promotion of people present inside the bar.

The bouncer at the bar called 911 and staff members reported that he had threatened to hit female employees, including the bartender.

Likewise, they also informed the police that the man, identified as Kevin Boyle, was drunk and potentially under the influence of drugs.

The responding police officer found the man standing outside near the front door, investigators said.

According to police, the man presented his driver’s license to the officer when asked for his information but he would not provide any further details.

However, the authorities have not yet confirmed the truth behind such an obnoxious act so discussing it further violates ethics.

Amidst such an incident, the viral video caught the attention of many netizens intrigued about the health condition of Kevin Boyle.

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A Sneak Peek Into The Political Career Of U.S. Rep Kevin Boyle

After the viral video drew significant attention, many began showing more interest in his political career.

Kevin Boyle was born on February 7, 1980, and grew up in a row home in the Olney section of Philadelphia.

He earned a master’s degree at Harvard University and advocated for the Alliance for Strong Families.

Moreover, his career began with an involvement in Philadelphia politics by serving as a campaign manager.

In 2007, Kevin became Legislative Director to Councilman Bill Greenlee, a role he held until 2010, when he ran for State Representative.

Young Kevin Boyle smiling
Kevin Boyle graduated from Harvard University. (Source: Facebook)

Further, he entered a three-way Democratic Primary in the 172nd state legislative district in 2010.

Subsequently, in 2012, Kevin faced a Democratic Primary challenge from Daniel Collins, backed by the Philadelphia FOP and city unions.

After 5 to 6 years of rivalry in voting, Kevin ultimately prevailed over Daniel, winning each election decisively.

Finally, in 2019, the House appointed Kevin Boyle as the minority Chairperson of the State Government committee.

Moving on, he succeeded as House State Government Committee Chairperson in working across the election-related reforms.

By 2020, he chaired the House State Government Committee, advocating and maintaining COVID-19 health measures and worker protections.

Nevertheless, with his leadership nature, he refused to condemn all sectarian terrorist attacks in Northern Ireland in 2021.

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